September Update September Update

Wow! It’s hard to believe that was released 5 weeks ago! Let’s take a look at the progress that has been made, and some of the plans for the future.



If you share a link on social media like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, you can see user overview cards.

Along with an integrated Tweet button and embed-friendly widgets, your profile is ready to be shared!


We’re happy to announce that now has leaderboards, where you can view the most active (by score) and richest NEAR accounts on mainnet!

Transaction History Visualizer

Designed by the amazing @danpodkovko, this widget shows a user-friendly, digestible overview of an account’s activity. Check it out!

Other Improvements

  • Server-side rendering. Faster loading, better SEO, and enables those spiffy user cards we saw earlier!
  • Switched from Apache Echarts to Highcharts for better documentation, friendlier API, and easier to integrate with SSR.
  • Even better caching, so scores, etc. will load even faster!

Future Plans has been my day-to-day the past few months, but it’s starting to grow larger than my ability to maintain it as a single developer. There are a lot of features we want to add, and we would love your help with them!

If any of these ideas sounds like something you’d like to help with or be a part of, please contact me. Ping me on Discord (Hatchet#3793) if you have any questions about this process and how to get started.

More badges

This is the best place to start. If you have an idea for a new badge, please submit a new badge request.

Of course, the idea is just the beginning. If you’re a developer wanting to get involved, you may want to implement a new badge. Explore some of the open badge requests and pick one to create. Keep in mind that a new badge requires both client-side and server-side work, so don’t forget to create a PR on the server repo along with one on the main repo.

On-chain activity


Get the official user card as an NFT collectible on your wallet!


We can make it even easier to use by adding on-chain goals and progress tracking. Do you really want that elusive “Powertrain” badge? Mark it as a goal to declare that goal on-chain.

Dapp integration

Advertising, monitoring, marketing… the possibilities are endless!

Different dashboards for different type of accounts

There are many different types of accounts on the network, and some of the information that shows could be more relevant if it detected what sort of account it was displaying. For example:

  • DAOs
  • Dapps
  • Regular users
  • Validators
  • Exchanges
  • Lockups

DAO Formation & Community Governance

This is really my final goal for that I can pass it off to the community to live and thrive as its own DAO. We’re interviewing for DAO members! Specifically, we’re looking for people with excellent software development skills and very high standards of quality.


I really like your project and have been looking into the backend specifically, because I wanted to generate a list of “Near early adopters” to be eligible for an airdrop.
I personally work on Shroom Kingdom, so I won’t have that much time to work on this project as well, but I already did some changes that you might profit from as well. I wanted to have a queryable API endpoint to get users fulfilling specific requirements, which is why I made some changes to the cache db.

My idea is to launch a token airdrop as discussed in this thread: Token airdrops from new projects of NEAR ecosystem to NEAR early supporters

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Hello Jacob

James pointed me to your project as we connected through the discord app and I gotta say I like it. I already looked into one of the issues raised on Github (issue can be found here). I am willing to help you maintain the project and make the community’s vision come true! Please, let’s connect via discord to discuss the next steps!


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Hello @jacob hope everything is going great.

I am reaching you from the Project Ops team, maybe you can help us guiding us, we want to download a list of the most active wallets, but not just the top 10 on score… we wish to have the list for levels, like level 6, 7, or 8 like mine :blush: so we can run airdrops for the community members, more quality instead of quantity.

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Hi @FritzWorm , thanks for the request. There is no public-facing endpoint to query accounts by score outside of the leaderboard. That being said, the score is merely a reflection of quantity of activity on mainnet, and not quality like you are asking for. I would recommend taking a look at the public indexer and maybe composing your own scoring algorithm that is less game-able than the score.

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Hello @jacob thank you for replying.

For us the level for each wallet you already show on is enough for us as quality at least for now. We dont have developer assignments in our Concierge Team, but we need to help Projects and Guilds to grow. And on the Projects side, airdrops are very important.

So, maybe you can help us, if you can point us someone from your team that can help us to receive the list of wallets organized by levels, like a print of which wallets have that levels today. We can use that for the airdrops.

If this is not possible, we thank u anyway for the project it is awesome, the community needs it to keep evolving so we can have more on-chain processes :rocket:

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We may want to combine that activity with staking requirement too. When these two data are combined, we believe we can get valuable reference for such events.

And I believe score indicates high level of activity most of the time as for your other suggestion:developing an algorithm… I don’t think it’s something we would be able to figure out all by ourselves :smile:

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