Are you new to the NEAR ecosystem? Not sure what to do next? Enter! aims to be your friendly guide around the NEAR ecosystem. With badges, points, and easy-to-ready individual account statistics, is the one-stop shop for individual NEAR account statistics, while keeping everything friendly and colorful.

  • Badges - Currently includes 6 earnable badges, including awards for NFT activity, deploying smart contracts, and staking with validators, with more on the way!

  • Charts - Currently includes 4 custom charts, including top sending & receiving accounts, as well as a balance history chart, with more on the way!

  • Points - Earn Internet points as you continue to be active on the network. Advance through the ranks to reach the sought-after “Nearkat” rank!

  • Rank - See how your account stacks up against other highly active accounts.

  • and more! - Not sure what to do next? Explore other accounts, read about the project, submit a suggestion, or visit the carefully-curated list of resources to guide you on your NEAR journey (NEARney? jourNEAR?).

Design Rationale is not intended as a competitor to core resources like Wallet and Explorer. Instead, it’s a lighthearted guide and tool for everyone (beginner and seasoned Nearkat alike) to use and reference as an easily-digestible and fun dashboard.

Future Plans

  • New Features - More badges, more charts, and the ability to easily share and embed widgets.
  • Community Governance - Turning over project maintenance to the community.
  • Leaderboards - Most active accounts, rich list??
  • and more! - Submit your ideas using the feedback buttons in the app.

What are you waiting for? Check out!


really awesome initiative - i hope we can start adding badges, reputation, events etc. and eventually it will become a map of NEAR ecosystem - where you can meet talent, work with each other, see who is doing a good job, etc.

great start


Incredible work @jacob and @danpodkovko!

Don’t slow down


Amazing! Love it!

I’d like to recommend the following Quests for consideration:

  • Transferring Assets over the Rainbow Bridge
  • Adding Liquidity on REF
  • Farming on Ref
  • Minting an NFT
  • Buying an NFT
  • Draw on BerryClub

(I’ll also add these using the feedback button on the site).


hey @jacob the site seems awesome. But there is a minor flaw. In balance, staked amount is not visible. nut it is visible in explorer near.

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Hey @jacob great work! I wanted to share with you a project I’m working on that has a few parallels, as it’s also related to skill acquisition, -attestation and tracking.

Here’s a brief intro video about it:

And here’s a prototype:

Feel free to use anything from the design if it can be helpful. And let me know if you see some overlap, happy to jam on ideas!

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