.near as a website domain

first of all, not sure if this is the right place to post this kind of dev proposal, if it is not, please fell free to delete / re-distribute.

I would like to ask whether this feature is on the pipe. I think it would open a whole new world of possibilities if our .near addresses could be used as website domains.

Other domains services like Unstoppable Domains, ENS or Handshake can act both as a wallet address and as a website, and I believe the future belongs to them.



This is a good idea to have .NEAR as URL. The cost is way cheaper compared to ENS or unstoppable domain.

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That’s exciting ideas! Pokaldot, Etheruem and Unstoppable domains provide such domains for their own network.

It will be massive for NEAR Protocol to have neardomain! Though, .near is already suffix for NEAR wallet. Maybe the wallet itself can be integrated with website building, or?


I also think is a good idea just like x.eth

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I’ve seen this question asked in the NEAR discord too and @amgando mentioned this:

This might be a good starting point/worth looking into.

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This should be an amazing idea, i believe this can be done!!

this is because .page is TLD
I think near can propose to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
you can check TLD here. List of Internet top-level domains - Wikipedia


I understand that, (thank you for explaining and pointing the resource anyway) I was just pointing out the answer from Sherif on the discord service that could give some pointers on something that could be built right now.
As far as I know having a .near TLD depends on work being done from the core team itself.

@Sofia_Alum @FritzWorm do you think you could put me in contact with someone @ Near who could help answer our question?

I have a product to launch and the path forward could hinge on this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot.

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Hey @gonemultichain. Amazing idea first of all! Maybe @jake could refer us to the right direction?


Thanks for tagging me, yeah it is possible using IFPS I believe, I heard about it for sure.

Hey, Join NEAR HISPANO discord: NEAR Hispano

We can look for help there from @Cristian our Near Certified Instructor :1st_place_medal:


I’ve had many chats with the ENS devs as I’ve been trying to bring this to my second favorite chain polkadot.

One thing to get out of the way is that ENS believes in working with ICANN to the furthest extent possible.

However it is in their constitution that “ In order to facilitate making the most widely usable naming system, ENS aims to integrate with the legacy DNS naming system to the greatest extent possible without sacrificing decentralization of ENS. ENS governance will not enact changes that compromise ENS’s ability to do this.” Which means if a DNS authority is asserting control just for the sake of control to prevent .eth, .dot, .near from existing even though it does not conflict with any existing namespaces then the ENS constitution stipulates that theses new name spaces shall not be impeded or annexed by any other body. Ref: ENS DAO Constitution - ENS Documentation

It would be a good exercise for this dev group to start with an Aurora extension, as ENS is happy to help out and you’ll get a good feel for how they manage DNS with Solidity contracts.

After that is successful and you’ve got the large ideas mastered then creating a native .near address is a lot less daunting.

I highly believe this is of benefit given the inherent tribalism of humans. All the eth community rushed to append .eth to their online identity wherever possible. This really raises awareness and (hopefully) positive discussion and education.

I’ve done PM on jobs from 50k-9.9M ( any guess why I capped the budget at 9.9M ( Anyone who’s worked for a massive, intensely bureaucratic conglomerate can guess why I would be trained to avoid that extra .1 like the plague after a few innocently budgeting correctly. )

If this has interest I can take point on producing a budget, schedule, milestones, coordination, meetings, and keep all core developer and level apprised as necessary, etc.


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