Near Artisans Family DAO Mega Creatives Bounty

Please add my wallet to your mintbase store ace17.near

"Beyond Sight: The Lady with Four Eyes":sparkles:

Twitter link:

Near Social:

Paras Token:

Here’s my Proposal to add on Astro

Thank you Very much
Near Id.: louietism.near

Hello!! Here is my entry


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Hello, guys! All nice?
Please, add me to your mintbase store

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Hi GUYz,

Thank you so much for all the beautiful entries.
So much Talented creatives we have in this our ecosystem.
It’s a privilege to know y’all.

but unfortunately @creativesdao-council didn’t approve this project.

Anyways, we have another beautiful project to give 9 artists, which we have decided to select from the artists who submitted on this Bounty.

We have 9 Musical Artworks from these 2 projects to work with

We have decided to select the 1st three who submitted to the previous bounty and 6 more from who showed interest in the bounty to do this work

  1. @elizabethramos $50
  2. @Elzy10 $50
  3. @louietism $50
  4. @Pallo $50
  5. @pemmiee $30
  6. @yonakawaii $30
  7. @littlefirebunny $30
  8. @Mailza $30
  9. @Belen_Zuazo $30

The detailed information on what the artworks will be like, time frame for the bounty will be updated soon.
Thank you


First of all I’ll love to say Thank you.

Sorry you didn’t get funded, your project was really nice and i hope you get funded soon.

Also, I’ll be expecting the detailed information about the new artwork.

Thank you very much


Congratulations to you


Hi guys!
I’m waiting for them to add me to the mintbase store so I can make my submission.
Could you do this for me please? :pray: :pray:

NEAR wallet: johnfaus.near

@Jummyk I haven’t added in the mintbase store yet :frowning: I’m looking forward to mint my arts there :pray:

Hello, please nothing has been said and done about this so far. I’ll love to get update please. Thank you


hi, we are still yet to receive KYC to proceed us having the funds for it from @creativesdao-council . Informations will be passed once its available. thanks for waiting.