[Proposal] Battle Rap Africa Organising by GZONE and The Legendary Team

Rap Is a big culture before any other genre starts becoming popular worldwide.

There are so many Hip Hop/Rap Artiste who are so damn talented and keeping their shit popping with the chance given them to shine and their fanbase.

The Rap Battle is where most rappers proves their strength in the game with spontaneous spitting of bars on a spot.

The RAP BATTLE is always between two rappers at a time within the time of 30 mins to diss and spit bars.

Most Rappers gets exposure, popularity, fanbase, connection, deals, recording contracts and so much more from this particular show.

It has always been exciting!

Most of each battle is always arranged/sponsored and powered by some companies and business entities, for the purpose of bringing life to the culture, supporting rappers and also advertising their own company & brands

Each time this event is hosted, its either always Televised live or pre-recorded for later TV Broadcasting / Streamed live on youtube, or pre-recorded for Youtube Premiere.

It’s also always sponsored on blogs, Instagram and Youtube ads for more awareness.

The event always attracts up to 40-45 attendants including the Participating rappers, depending on how much awareness created for the event ahead of time and the Rappers to be featured, which can attract the attendance of their fans.

G ZONE gzone.near


is a so much respected rapper with big influence and presence in the Game over the Years.

Luckily he’s my new neighbour which gave me the access to meet with him IRL and preach to him about Creatives DAO and the NEAR Blockchain!

He has been consistent with hosting and participating in the RAP BATTLEs

also featured 2 Big Nigerian Celebrity Rappers M.I ABAGA



in the past events

Finding the right spot, CREATIVES DAO which is an awesome platform to make this Culture and Activity More interesting by upgrading and spicing it with deep Blockchain activities.


This ERA is for the Blockchain till forever!

We want to make This Project Series, happening every 2 months forever, giving more option for new onboarding, showcasing and supporting talented rappers.

The first of its kind will happen on the NEAR BLOCkHAIN with 10 rappers, 5 rounds with 2 Rappers at a-time.

for example:


To promote Creatives DAO, Family DAO,
To bring the Ultimate Rap BATTLE activities to the NEAR BLOCKCHAIN, Engaging with NEAR TOLLS & DAPPS. METAVERSE RAP BATTLES Shows, Near NFT Tickets, Near NFT GIFTS/AIRDROPS and Rewarding, Near ONCHAIN activities, Near MUSIC NFT sales and collection. NEAR Crypto token Transactions and Smart contracts. All to start with CREATIVES DAO, Via FAMILY DAO.

Activities & Timelines

  • Graphics designing for announcement - 1st week of june
  • Virtual Meeting and feasible planning With artists and all contributors - 1st week of june
  • Booking of Location, Music DJ, Standby Generator, Video Grapher & photographer - within the1st week of june
  • Printing of the big Banner, Paying of organisers (contributors, - within the 1st week of june
  • Creating attendants NFT 2nd week of june
  • Paying of the 10 Contesting Rappers 50% ($25) ahead of time so they Join us at the venue from wherever they are, the paying 50% bal. ($25) after the end of the whole event and project
  • Rap Battle date proposed date July 28 (might be re-fixed)
  • Brief Introduction About Creatives DAO, Artisans Family DAO and NEAR (during few break of the show)
  • Onboarding and Wallet activation for all attending creatives (right at the entrance, during registration)
  • Airdropping the attendance NFT to all newly onboarded during the break
  • Production and Recording Prize for the 5 battle hardest winners proposed to start by July 20
  • Education & Enlightenment about web3 music and NEAR dapps for all newly onboarded on our Telegram Channel Every Saturday -
  • Minting on Mintbase - Happening same week After Mix, Mastering and Artwork is ready
  • Uploading Of all contents on YouTube - 1st week of August
  • Minting on Tamago playlists - 1st week of August
  • Artwork Bounty - 3rd week July
  • Releasing On Content. - 1st week August
  • sponsoring of content on Social Media- Immediately after Release


Program, Confirmed Rappers, Contributors and there wallet Amount (USD)
Booking of Location For 4 hours Resoundstudio $150
Music DJ by DJ KY MIX djkymix.near $100
Graphics, $10 by @diamond_kay Wallet Activation $25 for 30-45 new creatives onboarding diamondkay555.near $35
Video Grapher and Photography by SS VISUALs sunnyvisuals.near $100
Big BANNER with Creatives DAO Logo, Family DAO Logo and Event Info. to be handled by @diamond_kay $50
Productions for Five Rap BATTLE winners by 2 available producers amk.beatz fineboy amkbeatz.near, fineboy.near for $80 x 5 songs $400
Mixing & Mastering by BrainSPY brainspy.near & EyorPAPI eyorpapi.near for 5 songs $250
Paying of Organisers (co-ordinating MC) Dami Deazy & G ZONE gzone.near $150
$50 Premium to be shared by the 10 Contesting Rappers (Confirmed 4 Yet. Patogen patogen.near, VirgoBoy virgoboy.near, Tobi Smallz mrsmallz.near, G ZONE gzone.near 6others shall be confirmed soon) $500
Instagram & Youtube ads for 1week $50
Artwork (Bounty)$30 x 5 $150


Expected Outcomes

  • Creation of attendants NFTs
  • Airdropping of attendants NFTs
  • All Confirmed participating Rappers including the new producers, engineers,MC, attending supporters/fans/creatives which can in all be upto 30-45 attendants, will all be properly onboarded, and Wallet Activated
  • Ensuring All newly onboarded creatives creates a NEAR.SOCIAL account and share their attendance selfie on it
  • Prioritising on educating the 5 rap battle winners of the day about NEAR DAPPs on our Telegram channel
  • Production Of 5 music NFTs for 5 winning rappers
  • 5 artworks NFTs for 5 winning rappers
  • Videos to be uploaded on YouTube with Creatives DAO & Family DAO Logo and infos
  • Artistes will also promote these songs on their platforms, and can perform it individually on stage
  • Songs will be launched & performed on the MetaVerse in our Artisans ARENA.
  • 5 Track to be Minted On Mintbase & added to playlists on Tamago
  • 5 art works to be created 1 for PARAS, 1 T mint on Mintabse
  • 5 winner to use NEAR.SOCIA to share all the creative process and experience
  • Education about the NEAR DAPPs on our Telegram channel
  • Social Media sponsor, to create more awareness about the content and the NEAR BlockChain to release NFT content regarding to the event on blogs

Project Managers G ZONE gzone.near TELEGRAM: @Gzone_0f @2keyz @diamond_kay @sterryo