NEAR Arabia - Monthly report ( June-2021 )

Month: June

Guild Name: NEAR Arabia (Mostafa)

Monthly Highlights:

  • Explored opportunities for cooperation with some initiatives interested in blockchain to attract developers to build on NEAR
  • 2 webinars were held, the first one was about Aurora. attended by 19 people.
    The second was a brief introduction about the blockchain and NEAR, attended by about 46 people.
    In general, the webinars were good, and we received many questions during and after the webinars such as: what is the transaction fees on NEAR and comparing it with Ethereum, the programming languages supported by NEAR, how to create a token on NEAR.
  • 2 people were hired to work on managing Telegram and Twitter.
  • Telegram activity: Continuation of the Learn and Earn contest that launched in May, the quiz was solved by 250 people in June (total 370 people). The contest has ended and prizes have been distributed to the winners.

Video Content ( the webinars ) :

Blog Post:


Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):

Telegram: @NEAR_Arabic : 460→ 595 ( +135 members )



Thanks Mostafa! As per our last meeting, we will be launching the DAO vertical soon. Please feel free to submit your guild proposal here :slight_smile:

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