NEAR Arabia - Monthly report ( Feb-2021 )

Month: February

Guild Name: NEAR Arabia (Mostafa)

Monthly Highlights:

  • Collaborating with Paras in order to attract Arab designers to register on the platform and create a NEAR wallet. We have about 18 designers until now you can check here
  • Contacted with futureblockchainsummit “one of the Biggest MENA Events on Blockchain” to discuss ways to collaborate and speaking opportunities, more information soon.
  • Initial agreement to create an AMA event with Binance Arabia and OKEX Arabia Group on Telegram about NEAR.
  • Followed up with the developers who joined the team last month, they made good progress in the RUST language, the workshop was completed, soon they would develop the first DApp on NEAR God Willing.

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Guild Name: NEAR Arabia (EOS Arabia)

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Hi Mostafa,

Thanks for the updates!

Super interesting! Nice work, @riqi. Perhaps we should do more of this in other regional guilds as well.

Looks like @jiten123321 had reached out to them too, but do you happen to know the organizers? @yadira was also taking a look at this from an events perspective. @MostafaLotfy if you have any insights on the event or the type of crowd, please do speak with Yadira :slight_smile:

So cool! If there’s something they need help with, do ask them to join the education guild. But otherwise, excited to see what comes out.

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Amazing job Mustofa! Just ping me if you need anything :wink:

@shreyas Yep going with regional guilds seem a good way to get more artists and collectors, please connect me with other regional guild if you have one

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Sure! Some of the regional guilds are listed here(guilds - Near Guilds), but I’ll work with @Ozymandius to update it.
AFAIK, we have the following:

  • NEAR Vietnam
  • India
  • Arabia
  • Phillipines
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • Turkey
  • Hong Kong
  • Brazil
  • China(multiple)

Some of these are still in the early activation stage, but we can float out the idea of some regional campaigns :slight_smile:

cc: @3UN1C3

Thank you Sheryas.

I don’t know the organizers personally, I will contact Yadria about this event and there are several others as well.

Thank you Riqi,
We will continue to support Paras and refer designers during the coming months as well, God willing. :+1:

Thanks for the good work! I will follow up on the AMA event :slight_smile:

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Received the information from Mostafa and responded. I don’t think it’s a fit for sponsorship but this could be good for speaking.