My Immersion Experience as a NEAR Moderator (Rahul Kumar Goel)

Hi Nearians,

So this marks the end of my 10-day immersion as a Community Moderator. I have been part of the NEAR community since May 2021 and learned lots of stuff from my fellow friends
in the community and I’ve been helping a lot of people in the community and wanted to share this amazing experience with everyone. It is a great experience to get appreciated
by the users and make more people familiar with NEAR Ecosystem.

I started my immersion on 20th November and it felt nice helping people and resolving their issues in the best way possible. My day-to-day routine was to help users with their queries, welcome new members, and make them familiar with NEAR. For any issue, they can DM directly to any of the Community Moderators and share their proposal and issues.

Over the past 10 days, here is what I did as a Community Moderator:

  1. I’ve been redirecting people to our NearForce and Merchants of Near Guild if they were trying to have Price Discussion in our Official NEAR Group.

  2. Reported lots of Scammer’s Post in Near Telegram Group which was taken care of by our Mods.

  3. Tried to calm people down who were facing issues because of Binance Deposit/Withdraw Suspension. And also provided an alternative solution of what can be done if they want to transfer their funds in the NEAR wallet.

  4. Interacted with Reddit post. Approved the most relevant post and added flair depending on the categories they belong to and also commented and answered some of the queries asked in the Reddit Forum.

  5. Redirected users that required technical support to the NEAR DEV channel.

  6. Redirecting users having Marketing Proposal to @KriptoRaptor and @Kv9990.

  7. Provided solutions for different issues shared by users.

That’s it, that was my 10-day immersion at NEAR. It was a great experience working with people of different cultures, languages, and personalities. We learn from each one of them and with time we try to improve ourselves.

Thanks to the NEAR team and @jcatnear for giving me this opportunity, and @KriptoRaptor, @Benz_Near, @stanisnear, @Kv9990, and @LarryLang for helping me out during my immersion period! Thanks for guiding and answering my questions.

Again, thank all of u for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to contributing to the NEAR Ecosystem.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Kumar Goel


Hey Hi Rahul, Great work so far, I have seen you active since many months in the community and you have been so helpful since the start :fire:

Really appreciate your contribution to the NEAR Ecosystem :ok_hand:


:raised_hands::fire: Amazing Work so far, Keep it up.


Good job, Rahul! Nice to working with you! :wink:

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Eyyy good work Rahul=000 really appreciate your contribution in the last week=000 P/s just a suggestion but can u put on a NEARPUNK or a profile image=00 sometimes I have trouble identifying you man^^ maybe a distinguish image would jog my memory everytime I see u

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This is a very Good job within a week! :clap:

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thank you for choosing to be here with us Rahul. good job

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