My Monthly Report

Hi Team!

This was my first month as an ambassador. A month, with new challenges and a lot of learning.

Each action I undertook and every word I penned aimed at transcending my own limitations.

Here’s a brief overview of my activities over the past month:

Despite not having had the chance to join a Meta Pool event in person, I’ve engaged with online content and events.

I made 6 threads for X:

  • Last chance to shape the future of Web3 with mpDAO Grant #6!
  • :mega: Exciting News: Your $stQ Token Gift is Here!
  • Zealy Sprint 2 by Meta Pool has been Extended till Wed, 24th, 23:59 UTC.
  • Secure your spot in the Meta Pool by contributing to the STNEAR pool. Open to all, whether you’re a crypto newbie or a pro!
  • The mpDAO Grants 6 is launching this February, offering financial support for initiatives that enrich your Web3 experience.

I made 1 post on Medium:

Liquid Staking: Revolutionizing Blockchain Earnings

I made 1 post on TikTok:

  • Meta Pool has joined forces with Giveth to launch a $10,000 fund in mpETH

I made 1 post on Linkden:

  • :mega: Exciting News: Your $stQ Token Gift is Here!
  • Yes, I did. But I just jecked now and it didn’t save.
  • Exciting news from the Zealy Sprint 2 front!

I asked many questions and participated in many spaces and calls.

This month I am very proud to say that my reach has increased, as has my engagement. Not forgetting to mention that learning is getting bigger and bigger.

More than 1000 views per thread. And post.

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity. Thank you very much!-