My 10 days immersion as NEAR Community Moderator (George Pro)

This was a learning period as well as a time to put my best foot forward to see if I’m very ready for the task ahead.

  1. Moderated Chat and Social Media comments and posts (Telegram, Discord, Reddit)
  2. Provided basic technical support to the community
  3. Answered questions as needed
  4. Actively available for the community at scheduled work time(This is something I created for myself, I was available between the hours 12:00AM and 8:00AM UTC daily) whilst providing minor support to other moderators throughout my non-active hours.
  • I contacted key community members and or other moderators to gather resources and information to learn for it to come in handy so I could share with the community as quickly as possible when the need arises

  • Directed community members to the appropriate Guild or appropriate project was a key factor to make the community unsaturated and helped new community members to stay, have focus and feel a sense of belonging.

  • I kept an eye on the various social media channels to welcome, read, prioritize, and respond to customers queries

  • Spamming, baseless shilling, referral links, Fud and inappropriate advertising are very common in crypto online communities. To maintain the sanity of our various communities, members who failed to desist from such things were warned banned immediately if appropriate especially on discord

  • Scammers, in case a community member gets scammed. First thing is to empathize with them and let the victim understand that it is not his fault. gathered information about how the scam happened, educate the whole community about it and share security measures that aid other members to stay alert. ( The education and alertness of various moderators was more so no community member got scammed during my ten days immersion)

*I’d like to bridge most of my tokens to near cause i like it a lot, but as long as we say dyor we really need some reassurance and step to step videos or it is very intimidating. :v:— A question from a telegram user.

My suggestion

The learning curve for web3 and crypto is steep. I suggest that if possible project building on NEAR should be encouraged to do step by step video especially on areas where different project building on NEAR intersect. Like Aurora-to-NEAR vice versa etc.

Areas to improve

Now for the things that I have not mastered, but will try my best to improve had I get the chance to go further

  1. Get first hand experience on all projects building on NEAR. To provide effortless support to the community. I’m currently making a list of all testnets of projects building on near to have first hand experience about how the various projects intersect.

  2. Go details into technical stuffs concerning Blockchain, open finance and web3.

I can’t leave without mentioning teammates who made this immersion period fun and educative. @LarryLang @IgbozeIsrael @Jeromemrys @jiten123321 it’s feel good and great working with you guys

Thank you @jcatnear for this opportunity

@KriptoRaptor @Benz_Near @Kv9990 I love and appreciate the support plus the sense of belonging and unity you guys portrayed.

At NEAR we are a family living many miles away from each other. I hope :pray: that one day I will meet all you. Much love :heart:

With gratitude,
George Pro.


Hello Mate!
The PRO in your name isn’t by mistake. You were and is a PRO in doing your job.
Thanks for all you do!

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Good call bro ! :metal::sunglasses:


It was a nice experience, and expect to work further :heart:


Great work Gee… continue with the good work​:muscle::muscle::muscle:


Great job, and learn a lot from your tips for new moderators like me! :smiley: