Moved proposal

moved proposal

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wow, these are really awesome projects! :clap: :clap: thanks for thinking of the core artisans! can wait to see the results.

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nice 1, duchess. weldone :two_hearts:

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awsome works, nice crafts

I’m a bit concerned about the price of the bags and shoes. Are you going to use luxury textiles?
In my opinion, the requested funds are way too high, as $180 for a pair of shoes is a lot, same for the bags.

In my opinion, it can be easily manufactured with a lower amount.

Hi @Paul there are various types of materials which comes with different prices,

We choose Real Animal Skin,

And choosing Real Animal Skin for customised shoes and bags are always way expensive than every other materials. But however in regards to this, we have gone for another material which will be cheaper, of good quality and give us room to produce more quantity than 5 pieces proposed before animal skin

The new materials for bags costs $75 each plus workmanship. subtotal for 8 bags = $600
The new materials for shoes costs $90 each plus workmanship. subtotal for 8 bags = $900

Ive also changed the details up there in the proposal , thank you :sparkling_heart:

I’m far from supporting everything which supports animal killing. It’s not luxury textiles to me and also I find this unethical.

Using real animal skin for the shoes and the production of the bags is something that Creatives DAO can’t support.

hmmm yea, thats why we have better changed it for another textile material now,
thank you so much for letting us know this, taking NOTE of it for the sake of future projects, thank you :sparkling_heart: @Paul bless

Therefore your price table should be decreased.

Why the information is doubled?

@Paul [quote=“Paul, post:9, topic:25886”]
Therefore your price table should be decreased.

we have completely changed the price now $450 for 6 bags,
and $540 for 6 shoes

that was a typo error

all the prices changed now, and we are having

$ 1,490 for these projects. thank you @Paul