[Proposal] Family DAO Artisans

As we always do, we went to market again to meet some Artisans with beautiful hand crafts.n These people are so talented. This month, we are gonna proposing for some lttle funds to have a website for our DAO for the sake of these Artisans.

These are some beautiful Hand Crafts we are proposing for this month

  • Real Animal skin bags (oroginal)
    Making of this from the scratch was told to cost $100
    bags - Google Drive

want we 10 pieces, which production process will take two weeks 5 pieces of this is $1000

  • Hand Fans, each costs $50. we are requesting for 10
    which is $500

  • OPON AYO Game board, making of one costs $175

we are proposing for 3 which costs $525 opon ayo game board - Google Drive

32 creators are expected to be on-boarded
23 NFTs will be minted and will be burnt when each of the items are sold

Total, $2,025

@ifeoluwa @sterryo


How is this getting NEAR closer to a billion users? How is this related to NEAR at all ?