Monthly Report OWS [July 2022]

Below is the Open Web Sandbox progress report for July.

Highlights of the month

  • Find our June KPI report in OWS KPI Reports., tracking increasing Awareness, Onboarding, and Engagement.
  • Submission of fast grant-proposal. Awaiting response to continue with milestones.
  • Hired:
    • Social Media Marketing Manager
    • Business Strategist
  • New Twitter:
  • Onboarding of five new projects under our new for-profit strategy.

Thanks for the update, just curious to know what happened to the old twitter account? It had great number of followers.

Hey! Unfortunately we got locked out of it due to being ‘under age’ after a mistaken d.o.b profile update. Twitter support team never responded to return our account…

Twitter has now deleted the account, which means we have now created a new one with the same handle @openwebsandbox

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Oh No, Sorry to hear.

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