Monthly Report OWS [February]

Below is the Open Web Sandbox progress report for February.

Highlights of the month:

  • Like January, here is our February KPI Report., tracking increasing Awareness, Onboarding, and Engagement.
  • This month the v.2 Project Dashboard was released, with an upgraded UI, including the ability to view a comprehensive description of each project right on the webpage, and the ability to apply for projects using the on-site Application Form. Credit to @jacopo.
  • The release of ‘OWS Education‘, A new activity by the OWS team: monthly release of video and written documentation, dedicated to blockchain/NEAR related topics. This month was ‘OWS Basics‘: 6 videos + 6 docs. Credit to @vrdoingthings and @jacopo.
  • The release of the OWS Tiering System 2.0. This is to build a knowledge base for us to know how to find the best contributors for each project. This also allows us to identify better individuals who need more support and assign them to the mentors in order to develop more web 3 knowledge.
  • The release of the Mentorship Program: giving opportunities to people who do not yet have enough experience in the NEAR ecosystems to participate in projects + encourage the development of people who have been with us for a long time. Credit to @AnaNastya and all support from @williamx @FritzWorm and @Monish016
  • Appearing in an Advertisement of the new NEAR Guild Platform. Currently 33 members.
  • The release of the OWS Hangout Sessions. For anyone wanting to ask questions or meet other members on NEAR Hub. We find it extremely important to help more NEAR community members feel comfortable in our virtual reality. And now since we have our native NEAR metaverse thanks to the HEAR Hub team - it is about time to make a switch from Google Meets. We will try to shift as many OWS events as possible to the OWS space in the metaverse. Forum post here. Credit to @AnaNastya and @Samtoshi_F_Baby

Thank you for your attention!