Monthly report from Zhiwei Luo (Feb)

I am zhiwei-luo(Conan),and I am a Guider member from China。I have been active in the developer community of NEAR China.
This month, my work in the NEAR community is as follows:
1、 I finished writing the white paper of the Doris project this month. The main role of the Doris project is to provide users with a distributed storage platform. She first built a bridge between filecoin and the NEAR Protcol project. Provide real and effective data for miners, and define the data uploaded by users in the form of NFT. Users can provide NEAR-Token pricing for this date-nft and publish it to the Data market. Users can purchase and sell.
I also set up a Filecoin node for this Doris, which can be accessed through the link below.
Below is the link to the project white paper.

2、I continue to serve the developer community in China, and I continue to answer questions from Chinese developers in the developer community.
3、I will continue to use NEAR tokens to pay my employees’ salaries this month. A total of 3000 NEAR was paid.
4、As a developer, I am very happy to continue to serve the NEAR project. I am also willing to provide greater help to NEAR. Next, I plan to work with friends in the community to translate the development documentation into Chinese and publish it to the community.

Thank you Amos and Angela for providing me with opportunities and help.