Metapool Indonesia September 2023

We are glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool in Indonesia during the last month.


This is my second month as an Ambassador at Meta Pool and I am glad that I learned a lot of things throughout the month. In this second month, I joined all the events and read as many articles as possible about Meta Pool. While learning, I also created medium articles and Twitter threads on my account.

Please follow my Medium channel (ivankwananda) to get updated articles about Meta Pool every week. There are five articles already published in September 2023. There are various articles about Metapool Liquid Staking, NDC Election and Nominations.

Please also follow my Twitter account AssetIvan to get fun threats about Meta Pool every week. Threads help people to read short summaries about a certain topic in a fun way.


In this month, I host 2 events: one online AMA at Rantai Kotak and one onsite gathering with PINTU exchange at Surabaya. It was very fun to host & participate at the events. We are looking forward for some exciting events coming.
It is exciting and Meta Pool Surabaya will be fun!

Medium Articles

  • Nominasi NEAR Digital Collective dari para pemimpin Meta Pool
  • Step by Step untuk Voting NDC Election di NEAR Protocol
  • MetaPool 101: Mengenal MetaPool & Liquid Staking
  • Meta Pool: Menuju Organisasi Otonom Terdesentralisasi di Dunia DeFi

Twitter Threads

  • Meta Pool: Menjelajahi Keunggulan Sebuah Protokol Liquid Staking
  • Liquid Staking di MetaPool
  • Metapool 101
  • Metapool di PINTU
  • Last Day to Vote NDC
  • Staking Ethereum
  • NDC election step by step
  • What is TVL?
  • Voting Round 3 result
  • Metapool at NDC

Nice work. Go ahead Mera pool

Great job @ivankwananda !