Meta Pool in Surabaya - Indonesia during Augustus, 2023

We are glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool in Indonesia during the last month.


This is my first month as an Ambassador at Meta Pool and I am glad that I learned a lot of things throughout the month. In the first month, I joined all the events and read as many articles as possible about Meta Pool. While learning, I also created medium articles and Twitter threads on my account.

Please follow my Medium channel (ivankwananda) to get updated articles about Meta Pool every week. There are five articles already published in August 2023. There are various articles about Liquid Staking, Trisolaris Farming Pool, Vote and earn, Sustainability $META and Learn Near Club (LNC).

Please also follow my Twitter account AssetIvan to get fun threats about Meta Pool every week. Threads help people to read short summaries about a certain topic in a fun way.


In this month, I planned 2 plans: one online AMA and one onsite gathering. The online AMA was postponed because in Indonesia we have Coinfest - a big cryptocurrency summit in Bali. So many projects and communities are quite busy at the moment. We will have the AMA in September instead.

This month, I also planned an onsite gathering in Surabaya with one of the biggest CEX in Indonesia, PINTU. The event will happen on Sept 23th with a big theme: Surabaya Gathering 2023 : Prepared for Halving. It is very exciting to prepare for this event and looking forward to meeting our community and introducing Meta Pool to them. The event’s target participant is 60-80 participants and it will be super fun.

It is exciting and Meta Pool Surabaya will be fun!


Medium Articles

  • Meta Pool: DeFi & Liquid Staking
  • Peluang Cuan di Trisolaris Farming Pool: stAUR & Aurora
  • Vote & Earn: Terlibat dalam Governance DAO di Meta Pool
  • Model Ekonomi Sustainable untuk Pemegang Token $META
    *Learn NEAR Club : Belajar & Mengembangkan Ekosistem NEAR

Twitter Threads

  • Meta Pool: DeFi & Liquid Staking
  • Stake & Earn Meta Pool
  • BOS Ethereum Liquid Staking
  • Triple Reward Trisolarislab
  • Vote & Earn Metapool
  • Meta Pool at DeFiLlama
  • About token $META
  • Learn Near Club

Meta Pool is growing in Surabaya

During this month we are happy to announce the following numbers.

  • 5 articles produce in Indonesian language about Meta Pool
  • Twitter Threads for education
  • Online AMA planned for September
  • Onsite community gathering at September planning with PINTU