Meta Pool Indonesia October 2023

We are glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool in Indonesia during the last month

These two words was described Metapool in Indonesia on the October 2023. This is my third month as an Ambassador at Meta Pool and I am glad that I learned a lot of things throughout the month. In this month, I joined all the events and read as many articles as possible about Meta Pool. While learning, I also created medium articles and Twitter threads on my account.

Please follow my Medium channel (ivankwananda) to get updated articles about Meta Pool every week. Follow my Twitter account too (AssetIvan) to get fun threats about Meta Pool every week. Threads help people to read short summaries about a certain topic in a fun way.

MetaPool Workshop: Surabaya Staking Expedition
This month I created a proposal to host an event in my city, Surabaya, through mpDAO Grants #4 . It was fun to create and promote it. This project goals are

  • Educate individuals on MetaPool and the vital role of Liquid Staking within MetaPool
  • Promote Staking ETH at Meta Pool to enhance TVL
  • Familiarize participants with Meta Pool (how it operates, its product suite, advantages, and distinctive features)

Besides I created video about MetaPool improvement proposal, medium articles about what’s new at MetaPool and also many Twitter threads this month. It’s been fun and fruitful for me and also for community.


Great job, dont forget onboarding process is crucial as well to maintain the user

Since we have 2 Ambassadors in Indonesia, we hope the community in regional will getting stronger

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