[Meta Pool] Results from DAO's Voting Round #2 👑


  • In July 2023, Voting Round #2 empowered $META holders to disburse fees generated by Meta Pool.
  • The second round of Meta Pool’s DAO witnessed the allocation of 13.8 million votes.
  • Funding of $1620 USD has been granted to three proposals, while remaining funds are reserved for future rounds.

During the second voting round, Meta Pool’s DAO solidified its presence by evaluating and voting on eight proposals. These proposals, in line with Meta Pool’s vision and mission, sought funding from the DAO to drive aligned projects forward.

The selected proposals to be founded are:

  • Meta Pool attending the Philippine Blockchain Week:BRKOUT! | 3.57 M votes :crown: | 420 USD in $META
  • Educación de blockchain, criptomonedas y DeFi con Meta Pool en nuevas comunidades de Colombia y Latam, aumentando la adopción de NEAR, AURORA y Ethereum | 3.12 M votes :crown: | 800 USD in $META
  • Additional $marmaj <> $stNEAR Farm Rewards | 2.1 M Votes :crown: | 400 USD in $META

Voting Round #3 is coming

On August 10th, the eagerly awaited third round of voting for Meta Pool’s DAO will commence. This presents a valuable opportunity for projects that fell short of funding in VR#2 to make a compelling case once more and strive to attain their funding targets.

Additionally, a wave of new and innovative proposals is expected from emerging contributors seeking the endorsement of Meta Pool’s DAO.

Wishing all participants the best of luck in their endeavors!