I am pleased to present the report of my task for the month of October 2023:

Among the activities for October:

I wrote detail blog post of Medium :

  • That highlights the recent development in Meta Pool, in regards to it governance token reset from the MPIP-3 proposal.

  • That contains detail information on the strategic partnership between MetaPool and TENET

  • That elaborate the strategies partnership between the lending and Burrow platform “Teller Protocol” and MetaPool on $mpETH .

  • That highlighted the preparation and process of the ongoing Implementation of MPIP-3 proposal.

Furthermore, I create detail Threads on X that highlighted and detailed :

  • MetaPool ongoing support of Gitcoin Grants to new LATAM web3 creators.

  • Meta Pool governance token reset and the key date to take note of.

  • Meta Pool mpETH live on TENET

  • Meta Pool and Teller Protocol contribution to DeFi lending and borrowing

  • To 5 initiatives on MetaPool DAO Grants 4 round.

  • The strategic partnership between MetaPool and ssvnetwork

I created a basic video, introducting the fundamentals of MetaPool intrinsic values and core product .

I made a post in Highlighting the recent top 5 votes and the goals from mpDAO Grants 4,

A telegram AMA with envanikDAO, elaborating Governance voting in relation to DAOs and the incentive MetaPool offer to every participant on it platform.

Thanks to the Meta Pool team, for the learning experience on Web3 and blockchain.