Meta Pool on [Nigeria] during December 2023

With optimal enthusiasm , I’m pleased to present my report for the amazing month of December 2023:

Among the activities for December :

I wrote detailed blog post on Medium :

:arrow_forward: That’s elaborated on Qblockchain and it partnership with Meta Pool

:arrow_forward: I wrote a medium blog Highlighting the list of exciting gifts and giveaway from Meta Pool and how to participate to claim them.

:arrow_forward:I wrote a blog post that details the new found opportunity in defi as, Qblockchain liquid staking became live on Meta Pool

:arrow_forward:I wrote an article on the open opportunity to stakers in the various supported blockchain on MetabPool .

:arrow_forward: I wrote a blog on the impact of MetaPool on DeFi and web3 via it liquid staking solution to top chains in the crypto.

Furthermore , I wrote explanatory Threads on X that detailed :

:arrow_forward:Everything on MPIP-6 in relation to MPIP-3 .

:arrow_forward:The final result of mpDAO Grants 5 .

:arrow_forward:The brief period of grace for those yet to lock their META token , especially from Ref Finance.

:arrow_forward:Meta Pool’s Christmas giveaways and Qblockchain gifts to all META Pool members .

:arrow_forward:MetaPool’s strategic partnership with Qblockchain and the exciting airdrop.

:arrow_forward:Highlights of MetaPool journey from January to December 2023

:arrow_forward:Details on MetaPool’s grace period sprint proposal from Ref Finance

:arrow_forward:I created a historic slide video, highlight MetaPool activity throughout the year 2023 .

:arrow_forward:I made a post in, concerning the just concluded integration of the Meta Pool’s 4th blockchain “Qblockchain” .

Community AMA :
A telegram community AMA was held at NEAR Hausa Community to elaborate the scope of liquid staking and it numerous benefits for DeFi enthusiast in Hausa language.