Memecoin project ideas - Dev opportunities

Happy new year to all.

I’m writing this post as a call to action’ to the developer community.

The past few weeks have seen an increase in ‘meme’ coin projects launching on Near with the arrival of Black Dragon and Lonk to challenge the meme OG of Near, Neko. With the soon arrival of another in the form of the Aurora OG memecoin to Near, Shitzu, there will now be healthy competition between the projects to onboard new users and consistently come up with innovative ideas to attract users or risk losing value and market share to the others.

Memecoins play a part in a blockchain ecosystem. They are simple and a bit of fun but ultimately they bring people of an ecosystem together. The remarkable story of our neighbor ecosystem’s most successful memecoin, Bonk, is a great example of how a memecoin can work with the ecosystem to create value. Recently they sold out the rest of the Solana Saga mobile phones because each came with a Bonk! airdrop of 30m which turned out to be worth more than the cost of the phone!( mine arrives in a week and I can’t fucking wait)

Within the socials of these Near meme projects there is great enthusiasm to work together to brainstorm ideas about how we can attract new users in to the Near ecosystem. Some of the ideas being thrown about are:

  • Forking Skyward Finance to relaunch under a meme project to ensure fair project token launches
  • Blue-chip NFT raffles – hosting blue-chip NFT raffles of projects from Sol, Eth etc that would attract users from those communities to partake and thus enter the Near eco
  • Near eco Content Academy – modelled on from the Kujira ecosystem - a public good that would include information about the Near ecosystem so that new users could navigate safely and efficiently
  • Degen gambling Suite – a one-stop shop of Degen games and lotterys
  • RPC & validators – Exploring the feasibility of operating a public RPC(?) or a validator
  • NDC – ‘Near Dragon Collective’ – WTF is this?
  • Potlock – Collaborative fund creation across meme projects to fund social goods
  • NEAR Summer BBQ – Exploring the possibility of hosting a Near event in the summer

These are just some of the ideas that I’ve come across in the telegram groups in a few days. However the idea generation is running at such a pace that it is outstripping the productive capabilities of the core teams!

Therefore we need developers to get involved in the projects and brainstorm with us to start to create these products. There is no better place to launch with a meme project as you already have a dedicated, hardcore group of users who can beta test your product aswell as marketing to the wider community.

We are moving out of the bear and in to a bull market in 2024. Lets start to move ourselves out of that mindset and start to create the perfect ecosystem to onboard the next billion users in 2024

Please look to join these communities TGE or Discord groups and sample the atmosphere and get involved:

Lonk: Telegram: Contact @LonkonNEAR
Black Dragon: Telegram: Contact @dragonisnear
Shitzu: Telegram: Contact @Shitzu_Community

Disclaimer: I hold tokens in each of these projects (pamp my bags ffs!)


The Jump DeFi Launchpad is live, and currently supports fair token launches and is working with some notable projects looking to launch this year :eyes:


NEAR Dragon Collective? :eyes: :face_with_monocle: :dragon:

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Morning @Niall

This is a great initiative and I think everyone is scrambling to make sense of the meme coin burst we had recently. Its great for the chain to have txs and provides it with liquidity.

  • I wanted to comment on what you’ve been seeing in the chats, and I’ve replied to some that I’ve seen myself, namely the Skyward Finance mention. The Jump DeFi is currently in development from he Founders of NEKO already which is a one-stop shop for everything DeFi. Half the features are live on the site, I encourage you to check.

  • For NFT raffles we have ASAC and Near Tinker Union that’s been live for quite some time.

  • Degen gambling suite there’s already Moonshot who’re developing this for the past year or so.

  • Near Content Academy, there’s NEKO Learn to Earn where they host a podcast and have opportunities to earn NEKO as a reward for learning about Near Protocol. They also Utilize Heroes Build which we recently got NEKO and JUMP token integrated with help from @starpause

  • As for potluck well there’s Potluck lol

As for the rest we may need some to look into. Not trying to disregard your post because its a great initiative, but we can utilize what’s here and power them with these meme coins possibly.

I’m not sure if these suggestions are coming from people who are unaware of these projects or just want something new and hyped. IMO going the hyped route may not be the best thing for development.

Are you suggesting these platforms to those who are making these suggestions?? I get that competition is healthy but if the chain is pretty nascent, is it?

Thanks for the initiative to spark this convo, we need more of it to eventually come up with results for a Near win.

(Updated with links, then updated with correct links.)


Good points here, perhaps we need to work on educating users about the Near infrastructure that already exists, and start activating the untapped potential.

2024 is the Year the Near community comes together and executes on what has been built during the bear!


Many thanks for the response Billy

I encourage everyone to check out the mentions above.

With regards to your question,

“Are you suggesting these platforms to those who are making these suggestions”

Yes the majority within these projects are from Near so they know the options around the ecosystem.

The fact is is that these memecoins have been created because there is a need for them to be created. Now they are here one of the positives is that there are people discussing things to build. We should capitalise on that to build more things to attract new users to the space.

One of the constant things we hear from outside the ecosystem when talking about Near is that the community is ded. This is a demonstration that it is not.

Having more options, aswell as the great OG projects that you have mentioned, is a positive for the space :slightly_smiling_face:

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Totally agree.

I mentioned above the idea about the which I came across on my travels to the Kujira ecosystem.

Interesting app although I’m not fully sure how it operates as haven’t had the time to go through it yet. Appears to have input from OG projects within the space demonstrating their product and how to use it

I understand your thesis behind your initiative but there needs to be volume for competition is what I’m saying and these meme coins can be integrated. No one is stopping them from imitating whats already there to “pump your bags FFS”.

It is good to see them already integrated with Moonshot. I think we can even ask the Heroes Build team to integrate if @starpause thinks its a good idea. Maybe @Illuminfti will want it on their raffle with ASAC? Adding tokens can be done over night, building use-cases takes some time and planning and won’t moon your bags that quickly. Even a simple staking platform will take a couple weeks.

Lets keep the ideas rolling rather than debating?

"needs to be volume for competition is what I’m saying and these meme coins can be integrated. No one is stopping them from imitating whats already there to “pump your bags FFS”

Ah Billy, come on now. Try not to take the “pamp my bags ffs” too seriously :laughing:

For the record I hold multiple NFTs bought throughout 2022/23 of all those NFT projects you mentioned along with presale Neko, presale Jump. I’m not writing this post in order to pump my bags.

Thanks for all those suggestions. More utility and cross-selling of projects in the ecosystem is a good thing.

Happy new year to you and lets look forward to the year of the :dragon:


Not taking it seriously at all, just quoting you to say it won’t happen overnight. Apologies you feel this way, it was not my intention.

I know you’re a Near OG we had this conversation already if you remember.

More utility and saturating utility are two different things. Again, nobody is stopping them from building what they desire.

Happy new year to you too bud.