[APPROVED] Global Engagement for Ecosystem Projects

Greetings Near Community

*Brief Overview *

My name is Andrew, I am a crypto enthusiast and Near Community member since September 2021. I work with Near UA, Ru Guilds, Ecosystem projects (Spin, Sweatcoin, Aurora, Metapool, Ref Finance, Fusotao, Stader, SmartPad, Bearverse, etc.), game developers (WOTA, Amber, Waka, etc), NFT marketplaces to connect top influencers and the guilds, projects.

i have a pleasure to work with top influencers :
- Incrypted
-Binance communities (all over the world)
- ICO Drops
- Forklog
- Gagarin Crypto

I also know a bunch of Crypto Influencers on the Global Stage
- ElonTrades
- EliotTrades
- Cryptodiffer
- CryptoDaku
- and I have access to Binance influencers I can work with to boost Near Ecosystem, along with its most notable projects.

During our work, we increased our russian speaking community by 100% from 6500 subscribers to 13150 subscribers, also increasing the daily message volume, DAU, and other metrics we tracked at the time.

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At this point, we have decided to use our experience with top-tier world influencers, in order to increase awareness of the Near ecosystem as a whole, and separate projects as well. We believe that we can amplify our efforts to not only manage the local communities, but to show the vision of the ecosystem to the global audience.

Proposal Overview: we want to amplify the foundation’s vision of the future, and spread the word about Near ecosystem projects with the help of famous influencers.

Near VISION is a self-sufficient ecosystem of creators, developers, entrepreneurs, community members, and token holders whose collaborative efforts make the NEAR ecosystem the best place to build massively impactful projects on the Open Web.

The mission of the Foundation is to foster the conditions by which an ecosystem can flourish, assisting and aiding others to reimagine business, creativity, and community in their own ways. The Foundation exists to help inspire and empower people to join the ecosystem, by acting as a trusted party and gateway into this new world. It is one part of a larger puzzle.

The plan is to attract global influencers, on Twitter and YouTube in order to populate the Near and fundamental ecosystem projects Flux, Octopus, Calmero, Aurora, Machina, Pagoda, and major nodes

By creating a working influencers base, we can combine our efforts with them in order to bring new crypto enthusiast into the ecosystem.

Anyone can promote the project, by filling out a Form for the community:

The plan is to boost social media with native announcement posts about Near and other projects in Near Ecosystem and what features it can bring to users.

We did deep research based on top influences who followed Near protocol, connected with them, and got rates:

List of influencers :

Right now, we want to amplify our efforts with Lady of Crypto, as one of the top influencers in Near ecosystem. She is going to attend on NearCon.


  1. Twitter posts got from 1k to 5k of likes and over 500k of impressions for each tweet.

Very reputable crypto searcher, that has a great audience and will be a good fit for the Near ecosystem. Each tweet of the influencer has at least 400k impressions and gets a real active community in the USA and UK.

  1. Additional info: for our promo campaign with native advertisements, we plan to do a YouTube overview of the Near ecosystem, tweets about Near and Ecosystem projects, and the ways you can work and gain with Near, along with a Twitter AMA. All the info will be checked by our team before posting in order not to have any misunderstandings.
  • Funding Details

    1. 6500 USD
  • YouTube, $2500 (1 video explaining the products)

  • Twitter $1000 (1 tweet)

  • Ama $2700 (twitter AMA with Projects)

  • Management $300 (script, communication)

Wallet owner’s name - Aihonaken.near


Thank You for an excellent job for Near Community. I know you how one of the great and experienced Community contributors who help our Ecosystem projects be connected with YouTubers and influencers.

Happy to support!


Hi @AndrewG

Just to clarify, is your proposal to get the following influencers to post about Near related projects?


Hi @AndrewG thankyou for your proposal.

I see that your work comes highly recommended by @Dacha so am happy to support


HI! Sorry for the late response.
Eventually yes. The goal is to start with one influencer, and then move forward to all of them, spreading the ecosystem projects, news and events. And this is just the few of them, many more to come. Starting with influencers that are familiar with the ecosystem.

Hey @AndrewG – thanks for the proposal. A few questions that will help me understand the proposal and funding request:

  • If I am reading this right, this is a one-time funding request for promotions by one influencer (Lady of Crypto) who will receive payment to produce a YouTube video, put out a tweet and host an AMA with the projects who submit using the Google form?
  • How will you select the projects that are highlighted during the AMA? Will everyone who submits get featured or is there a selection process?
  • Since this is a one-time request, what are your plans for funding future projects with different influencers? Would each new influencer you work with be a new proposal with similar funding requested?
  • Is the funding amount the standard rate to work with Lady of Crypto. i.e. how did you arrive at those numbers?


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Hi !

  • So unfortunately because of a hard cap in $10 000 we can’t include more influencers at one time.
  • Through the created google form, I will contact the projects, and we will figure out what info they want to share and how we can highlight it.
  • At this point, yes. Due to the cap limits i’m planning to add a new proposal on each new influencers, and of course the goals we achieved by working with each influencer separately
  • Yes, I work with influencers for quite a long time now, and always get the updated rates for each influencer. I also compare the ratings of different influencers, and check who is better to work with to achieve our goals, and of course who is not overpaid

Thanks for providing additional information.

I am willing to support this proposal for one month and then assess the impact this type of influencer marketing can have.

Moving this proposal to approved, you can not proceed with an AstroDAO poll.


Link to the poll : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-549

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It’s funny how marketing DAO can approve this and has issues with communities being built on Creatives. Lovely!


Are you serious?? You’re approving this??


@David_NEAR @shreyas

Can we please have some guidelines from Marketing DAOs side.

Creative projects have been rejected for $400 where they are trying to promote their communities and communities associated with ru_guild get approved for amounts that is just not justifiable.

I’d really like to understand how does @marketingdao-council approve and reject proposals.


Good evening! Which one? Thank you.

Communities on Creatives are not as large as “Lady of Crypto” Community or Communities that other influencers in this proposal have made, that’s not a fair comparison.

Getting an estimate of 400K impressions is a big deal :wink:

MarketingDAO shouldn’t stop experimenting :wink: that’s exactly what they’re doing here with approving this proposal for influencer marketing and trying to assess the value it may bring.