[MarmaJchan] Sculpture Ideas for her Birthday Bash!

Greetings everyone!
I’m a sculpture artists (among other things) and I want to encourage this trend of characters based on NEAR related concepts and organizations. Also, I’ve already sculpted NEARchan, can’t leave out MarmaJ, her best friend!!

So, I reached out to @chloe after hearing about MarmaJchan’s Birthday event coming up and asked what would she like to see me do with things like dress and pose.
She suggested we open up the conversation to the community and I am more than happy to oblige.

I’m open to all suggestions! Feel free to post links to reference images as well.

Really looking forward to starting another sculpting project, thanks in advance for any responses to this post!


This looks greta, thank you for putting this post together. Tagging @bianca (our Creative Director) to share her input :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @orztirrstudio! Awesome idea, I’m sure the sculpture would be a great addition to MarmaJchan’s birthday party.

I’ve included some links below to some of our MarmaJchan community submissions that can serve as inspiration for the sculpture:

Also, could you please provide some details on what the “sculpture” would be in terms of a final product? For example, will it be a digital 3d object?

cc: @mecsbecs @chloe


Oooh, I especially like those last 2 by rencruzarts and ligaya!
But the hair from cyntronyx’s piece is amazing too, :smiley: