Marketing Playbook

As a recent new member to the Marketing Vertical DAO council i wanted to give a personal overview of how i believe marketing can be used by the NEAR community to achieve its goals.

Building a L1 crypto platform that is open and inclusive, with core team and community members spread across the globe is not a simple undertaking. To support the key goals of increased developer participation and NEAR user awareness will require a clear and achievable marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

The first step in developing a marketing strategy is to understand the Marketing Mix, also known as the 4Ps - product, place, price and promotion - a tried and tested way to analyse the key aspects of a business or commercial activity which has been used successfully for many years.

The beauty of marketing is that you can embrace the best and reject the rest!

I would therefore like to propose a new version of this formula to be used as a structure for NEAR marketing - encompassed in 6 questions:

Who is NEAR? - make it personal and show some faces

What is NEAR? - ecosystem of projects and guilds, project data / metrics

Why NEAR? - comparison with other crypto platforms ie ETH, problem/solution

Where is NEAR? - regional and city nodes, ecosystem map

When is NEAR? - live events, hackathons

How to be part of NEAR? - onboarding and social channels, near forum guides, DAOs and Guilds

One objective of asking these questions is to create a ‘helicopter view’ of Near. By giving a full and easy to understand answer (with links) will provide the foundations to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The next step is to access and leverage NEAR network stats and data to get a better understanding of the underlying strengths and weaknesses within the community.

A further key step is to define the Target Market for NEAR and projects built on NEAR. An effective marketing strategy will define specific target groups - for example:

  • software developers (building on near)
  • content creators (artists creating on near)
  • merchants (people that leverage or use dapps on near)

Different groups have different needs and the marketing component needs to be tailored accordingly.

Another way of looking at marketing is to ask - what can i do with NEAR? what is its primary use case? The answer can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Buy NEAR
  2. Transact in NEAR
  3. Hold NEAR

You might think that this is obvious… but each category has a separate set of requirements, and a marketing component to support them.

Marketing Budget

As I understand it, the funding of marketing initiatives is currently transitioning to a decentralized model. In future the Marketing Vertical DAO will be responsible for providing funds to other DAOs and Guilds, to fund marketing activities.

It will be great to see the emergence of DAOs providing specialist marketing services. h/t Swine Guild, Flying Rhino, Swagger DAO

IMO it is important that the Marketing Vertical DAO has clear and transparent funding guidelines to ensure that all stakeholders understand what is required and how the funds are distributed and monitored.

Having worked in a wide range of marketing related activities, as well as running my own businesses for many years, i am now excited to dedicate time to helping NEAR to grow.


Hey @cryptocredit, love the idea of a marketing playbook, at the NIA Guild, we are experimenting with our own set of strategies and building a comprehensive playbook for outreach and growth. Would love to sync with you and see how we can pool in the talent and synergize to amplify our efforts in order to get the best of results. I would love to connect and explore new ideas together :slight_smile:


Guys you need to start with fair councils elections.

Who are you ? Who elected you?

Was it democratic, open and transparent process?

Please, no old friends, no people who work in one guild or one team (Ozy), maximum 1-2 people from near marketing team, 1-2 developers, 1-2 founders, bunch of independent councils.

Secondly, we need people who are ready to control and calculate real expenses.

For instance, here @p0k [BUDGET] Marketing DAO Vertical Budget Request for August - #17 by Dacha
asked 130N on teleprompter, whereas real price is 18N. It’s unacceptable. We need a system of punishments for members which abuse the system.

Have a great day!

Thanks for providing this framework!

I personally really like that it starts by acknowledging that Marketing is a complex, fluid area and that neither one of us knows the exact formula at any given time. Embracing a beginner’s mindset and being open to learning and improving constantly is fundamental.

I believe this type of frameworks can help all interest applicants polish and improve their submissions prior to submission as well as provide simpler and clearer guidelines for the Council members on what to approve.

I am excited about collaboration with other guilds and community members @chronear to capture and expand on these lessons. I propose we run a Design Sprint to explore these :slight_smile:


Hey @Dacha ,

We have already discussed this on numerous occasions. The ultimate goal is to remove NEAR Team members from DAO Verticals entirely and hand that over entirely to the community. You are free, at any time, to create a DAO and work to empower the NEAR Community and ecosystem.

Members like @cryptocredit are a testament to this, an ex-marketing professional and contributor to the NEAR ecosystem.

In fact, I’d love to see the Marketing DAO serve nothing more than to distribute funds to smaller DAOs (Social Media DAO, Events DAO, Translation DAO) etc.

How about we jump on a call some time soon with the Council and we can discuss anything and everything Marketing DAO?

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