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Good day @marketingdao-council
My name is Abdulkareem. I am a content creator, founder of Near x Art Dao, community builder, music promoter and a web 3 enthusiast.

The marketing vertical was one of the first Dao’s I worked with when I joined the Near ecosystem. It feels good writing here again.

My previous project with marketing Dao reached milestone and garnered over 100,000 views across. I am glad it achieved its objective. Check report

This time, I want to create content like the one I did previously but this time in a better form.

I am proposing to start a weekly segment where I would interview students and persons with little or no knowledge about Near protocol.

This would be a learning opportunity and I would make this fun by asking random questions and infusing questions related to Near and its attributes. Check sample from the last episode

How I Intend to do this: Below is a breakdown of the content I intend to create, but not limited to what is listed below.I can do fun episode similar to this

1.I will create a short note about some of the basic feature of Near printed on paper.

2.In the interview, I would give the interviewee 60seconds to read about it. Then ask them questions based on what they have read.

3.This would be made as fun as possible by asking them to pick a question from a basket.

If they get the questions correctly, I will award them with $10 -$20 worth of near, depending on the number of questions they get.

Objective and metrics

  1. Visibility: This content aim is to give visibility to Near protocol. That is, the contents made with these people will be promoted on social media and popular blog, thereby making adding more reach to Near protocol’s 1 billion users.

  2. Education: It will enlighten both the interviewee and the viewer on what Near protocol’s attributes.

  3. Good social image: People will be awarded $10 to $20 near for answering questions on Near, this will subconsciously make participants and viewers have a positive perspective about the Near ecosystem and Web 3 in general.

  4. To keep “Near Protocol” in the faces of everyone: Both the newbies and Nearians will come across this content; whether online or physical thus keeping Near in the face of everyone.

  5. Indirect marketing: The whole idea of this is to indirectly promote Near protocol and its attributes indirectly, using creating entertaining contents.

• Video coverage & editing - $400: I will be creating a minimum of 2 contents per week, that is at least 8 contents per month.

• Prize for the interviewee - $200: I will be awarding the at least 10 interviewees with $10 – $20near for every correct question.

• Work remuneration - $400: I will be creating content for four weeks; thus requesting $100 per week.

• Promotion - $500: This is an integral part of this proposal. I will spend a minimum of $100 to promote two videos per week. I will send report and communicate if I need to increase the promotion reach.

• Transportation - $100: This includes the cost of mobility from different locations for four weeks to get interviewees
Total: $1,600

It is my pleasure to always bring about initiative that will foster the growth of the Near ecosystem. Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


Sorry, it’s not a reasonable payment for the blog and YouTube channel with 16-326 views.


Hi @Dacha

Thank for your response.

My YouTube will not be used to market this content.

Like I mentioned in the proposal it’s a “Content Marketing” and all contents are going to be promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and we may extend this promotion to popular blogs .

I have done something similar with the marketing vertical early this year and I promoted these contents across all socials. It had over 100,000 views.

It feels now a good time to create more marketing content for Near and this time promote it to a wider range of people. That is why a promotion budget is included.

Thank for sharing your concerns, I am happy to clarify.


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Thanks :relaxed:

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I agree with @Dacha if we’re talking purely about views. Especially since we know that the conversion rate of views to wallet sign ups (or whatever the designated KPI) is devastatingly low.

We need to get away from views as being the metric for success. It’s the most visible one and usually what most agencies/brands use, but it’s not in any way comprehensive enough. And we all know that views can be bought for next to nothing. 10 of the RIGHT views can be worth more than 10,000 views of those that aren’t interested in NEAR.

How can you build accountability and track conversions into your proposal? How can the foundation quantify success or realize ROI on the money spent? If you can show value in this way, getting funding will be the least of your problems.

@Supercoolkay There’s potential here - it just needs to be refined and structured so that the foundation is the primary benefactor.


Thanks friend @Eccentric_Vagabond

I like your input. For this project, it goes beyond making people to “sign up” a Near wallet.

To achieve Near protocol’s goal of 1 billion user, we should not just focus on marketing to some selected audiences like the crypto enthusiast and web 3 inclined individuals.

Our focus should be on everyone. That is why I was able to come up with this idea of content marketing to indirectly and directly give visibility to Near protocol beyond just the web 3 inclined people but newbies too.

As we all know, everyone finds interest in fun and interesting contents, but most people do not find interest in direct educational essays (like what is Near, blockchain, etc).

The ROI on this project can be realized with the objective and metrics below

Yes, views is one of the most visible metrics used and of course I won’t create content for Near just to get 300views. There is a plan in the budget to promote this contents on social media; just like I did with the previous content I made which had over 100,000views. Check here for some highlights from previous episodes

You are right. This is where the content come in. One of the aim of the content is to make it as fun as possible to attract and interest viewers to Near.

That is why I am incorporating the everyday content people engage, with Near protocol and it’s attributes.

I am glad you see the potential in it. I am sure my above explanation will make you even grasp the potentials in it better.

Thank you once again for your input . :grin::tada:

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Hi @Supercoolkay,

Thanks for the proposal but I also cannot justify the proposal request given the quality of the content and the low metrics. It’s also a no from me.


Hello @Klint

Thanks for responding.

If you do not mind, could you kindly send me your calendar, maybe we could have a brief meeting for a better understanding on this.

You approved something similar to this sometimes ago which I delivered over 100,000 views with minimal promotion.

You should not use my YouTube views to measure the metric as I have stated it clearly that the video is not for my Youtube but to be promoted across all social media which I have done before and this time around I am increasing the audience reach

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Thanks for your proposal,

I’ve had a browse through the content that you’ve shared - it looks fun, you certainly have good people skills and a knack for content creation. However:

  • The content is generic, it mentions NEAR but it does not give much else to the people in the video or to the people watching at home, resulting in low brand awareness (not the type of education we are interested in funding now).
  • The price point also seems high, both relative to the reach and impact but also when measured against all the other content requests we are receiving. Marketing DAO has an upper limit on funds we can distribute per month and the best content with highest impact is given priority.

I am not able to support this proposal.

Do not let this discourage you from continuing to create content, feel free to apply again in the future should circumstances change.

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Hi @satojandro

I am glad you enjoyed the contents.

I created over 20 content please kindly check out this one which gave a lot of insight about Near.

Okay. Please could you kindly send me your calendar so we could have a brief meeting before moving this proposal to closed


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