Marketing DAO significant delays?

Why proposals are not been reviewing by Marketing ?!

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I support your concern. Projects fulfill their goals and promises to the community. Due to delays in the consideration of proposals, difficulties arise in meeting the set goals. The main advantage of Near is high speed. It is necessary to use this positive property everywhere.
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The MarketingDAO informed everyone on the forum that there would be significant delays on the back of NEARCON. Most folks have only recently returned home.


A good party needs twice more time to rest to get back in daily workflow. :sweat_smile:

Take your time @marketingdao-council hope you had some superb time full of positive emotions.

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I’m agree with you. Also share all pending proposals list. So they can make easy. but hope they’ll not doing copy paste.

7 proposal decision in 15 minutes???

and it’s only copy and pasting… No Reason why [closed] or [approved].

not only 7 there are 13 proposal (9 closed 3 Approved) viewed in 35 Minutes one is still open

Hope they’ll share their reports as well in 5-6 Working days. if they had some superb stuff regarding near.


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Hi community!

As a member of the Marketing DAO council I just wanted to assure the community that we are aware of the disruption caused by our involvement in NEARCON. This event provided the DAO with a valuable opportunity to meet IRL for the first time, and also to meet and discuss marketing with the whole NEAR ecosystem.

We are all back on the case and hope to process your proposals ASAP

Thanks for your understanding



To clear a few things up:

  • We announced that there were going to be delays regarding NEARCON. This is not just because 4/5 Council members attended, but also due to the fact the the NEAR Foundation funding team that processes payments. Even if we had approved everything that week, processing time would be the same.
  • A lot of our applicants, including a lot of new leads, were also present at NEARCON. Being able to meet them in person, understand what they are working on, and build that trust, actually leads to much higher processing times in the future.
  • Conversely, the quantity and quality of applications received can slow down the application process as we spend a significant amount of time asking for questions, waiting for replies, and doing independent research to confirm these claims.
  • We have successfully caught you. As of the writing of this message there are only two applications outside of the 7 day window for making a decision and only 10 applications pending within that 7 day timeframe.
  • As always, a detailed report of all the proposals assessed, etc. will be provided by the end of the month

Thanks for expressing to the NF the importance that funding from Marketing DAO has.