Marketing DAO Proposal Funding Guide - Updated August 2023

Marketing DAO Proposal Funding Guide

With the new funding vehicle in place, please use this step-by-step guide below to request funding upon the Approval of your proposal in the Forum.

Each proposal requires the endorsement of 3 council members. The title of your forum post will be updated with [APPROVED] once approved. Please ensure you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions as laid out at the bottom of this Guide.

Step 1: GWG KYC Request Form

Fill in the GWG KYC Request Form

  • First-time applicants who are making a funding request from the Marketing DAO are required to complete the GWG KYC Request Form.
  • If you have previously passed KYC and received funding, you are not required to submit a GWG KYC Request Form again.
    • At present funding applicants need to submit KYC only once every 365 days, therefore it is NOT required for each claim.
  • IMPORTANT you must accept the terms and conditions by checking the Marketing DAO box in the Form.

Step 2: Fractal - Identity Verification

Our third party ID verification service provider, called Fractal, will email you with a prompt to complete a ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) identity verification. The company may request a piece of formal ID and a photo.

Complete the KYC process following the instructions sent to your email. All Reward payments are subject to being approved for KYC.

About KYC:

  • KYCs are required in the traditional banking sector, cryptocurrency platforms, and exchanges for AML compliance.
  • At present funding applicants need to submit KYC only once every 365 days, therefore it is NOT required for each claim.
  • I-Am-Human verification is NOT required at the moment until further announcement.

Step 3: Astro DAO Transfer Proposal

Ensure that you include the following in the Description:

  • Brief Description of Project being funded
  • Total Amount Requested in Near tokens
  • Link on approved proposal
  • Target Wallet
  • T&C Acceptance Text ‘I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the Marketing DAO’, and information about KYC (write - KYC passed)

  • Click on Propose button
  • The Transfer Proposal will be reviewed and voted on by the Marketing DAO Council.
  • When it receives the majority votes, it will be paid out to the wallet you’ve indicated in your Transfer Proposal.

Step 4: Receive Funding

If KYC verification has been passed, and the Transfer Proposal has been approved, you will receive the payment to your wallet when it has been voted by a majority of Council (within 7 days from the creation of the Transfer Proposal).

Here is a link to Marketing DAO Charter 1.2 with more detailed information on Marketing DAO governance.

NEAR Marketing DAO Terms and Conditions

By completing and submitting the Transfer Proposal, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. You have complied and will continue to comply with the Marketing DAO Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) contained here.

  2. The General Terms and Conditions that govern the relationship and any funding granted by the NEAR Community Marketing DAO (hereinafter “Marketing DAO”) to the recipient of the funding (“Recipient”) shall form part of the Marketing DAO reward agreement using the Transfer Proposal on Astro. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Recipient, by inclusion in the Description section of Transfer Proposal, the following clause ‘We have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the Marketing DAO’.

  3. You are of legal age in your jurisdiction to enter into this agreement (or your parent or guardian is signing this agreement for you); that the payment of the reward to you will not violate any applicable laws; and you are solely responsible to report and pay income or other taxes, if any, that apply to your receipt of this reward.

  4. You hereby grant to Marketing DAO, its subsidiaries, affiliates and customers a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, distribute, publicly perform, create derivative work from, make, use, sell, offer for sale and import for any purpose the materials submitted by you to Marketing DAO in connection with the moderation and other community outputs you delivered.

  5. From time to time Marketing DAO may decide to feature in publicity persons who have made significant contributions to the Marketing DAO. If selected, and upon mutual written agreement regarding acceptable attribution (email being sufficient), you grant Marketing DAO the right to display your name and/or attribution information on Marketing DAO websites, in press releases, or other media. Either party may elect to no longer participate in or publish contribution information on written notice, in which case Marketing DAO will promptly cease use of your name and attribution information in new publicity, but will not be required to recall or revise past press releases or other materials.

  6. You hereby acknowledge and agree that adherence to these T&Cs is essential for the successful payment of the funding, and failure to comply may result in the suspension, termination, or other appropriate action by the Marketing DAO.

You agree and acknowledge that you have read these T&Cs and agree to be bound by the same.

We’re hoping this new process streamlines the process, allowing for approvals for all KYC issues to be dealt with in a timely fashion.


Just wanted to highlight this…

Please ensure that this text is included in your Transfer Proposal on Astro.

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