[March] Near Insider Project opportunity: Help us with Social Content and Head of Research - Project Closed

Hello DesigNEAR Community and Sandboxes!

I am happy to share a fantastic opportunity for the NEAR insider Channel.

NEAR Insider is a media for the NEAR ecosystem, which provides fast news, data-news, insight topics, analytics topics, on-chain topics, brief overview infographics.

We are searching for two roles: HEAD OF RESEARCHER, good experience in managing both the Channel and Client with knowledge about the ecosystem.

Managing SOCIAL CONTENT of twitter Channel with a unique vision and the ability to communicate and do digital marketing.

Looking Contributor Especially from Vietnam


  • We are looking for a candidate who Manages the Client’s and Channel’s work tasks to allocate to the team.

  • Training the team members on crypto, marketing, and other ecosystems.

  • Track the capacity of each team member for suggestions (salary increase or recruitment)

  • Follow the market situation to update insights, trends

  • Plan weekly content production (follow each project, trend) to make topics

  • Brief and coordinate with the designer to produce the theme (requires good visual usability)

  • Communicate with partners clients to confirm information

  • Interviewing new personnel


  • Minimum six months crypto knowledge
  • Good English to read reports from top researchers in the world ( premium content ) and rewrite them for the community to understand
  • Experience in online marketing, experience in writing articles, experience in social media, SEO, reading charts, researching news, playing Twitter, Instagram, youtube is an advantage.
  • Priority is given to finance, English, and journalism majors.
  • Have the ability to be creative


  • Reward: 400 USD
  • There are investment opportunities from private round
  • Bonus according to sales


  • We are looking for a person who manages content & images on Twitter + Telegram of Near Insider.
  • Then Posting on Near Insider’s media (Ask for engaging content) also Tracks the performance of posts every day.
  • Analyze and report the performance of community engagement in campaigns
  • Monthly report


  • Minimum six months crypto knowledge
  • Read and write English well
  • Graduated in Communication, Marketing
  • At least one year of experience in advertising, communication, and digital media marketing.


  • Reward: 200 USD
  • There are investment opportunities from private round
  • Bonus according to sales

DM me a brief description of your background to schedule an interview or ask questions


Hi @Monish016 I’m interested in the Social content creator
I’m good at it


Is this reward monthly?

It’s a good one here and @Jeromemrys you fit into this so well.


Thanks for sharing! Welcome to my team


@TRENDHEO is from Vietnam and a good fit for this role in my opinion :slight_smile:

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@thephilosopher check this out
Great opportunity

Yes the rewards are monthly



Here, Mate.
You should check this out

Hello @Spec you should check this out

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@Monish016 i am interested in social media content creation

Hello @Monish016 I am latino, this opportunity is open for anyone who speak Spanish?

Because, I am interested in the Social content creator (in Spanish)

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Support your idea :wave:

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Oh! Wao, thank you for you support @Dacha i appreciate a lot :wink:


I completed the job in March 2022 for the position of social content! @Monish016

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@TRENDHEO Thank you for the collaboration, the reward 200 USD Is approved
Please use this link to claim the reward on Astro Dao

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