[March] MutantSwap project: call for developers and community managers

Hey Sandboxers and Nearians,

We started the collaboration with MutantSwap.

MutantSwap is a DeFi DEX protocol with focus on NFT, started with MutantPunksNFT, a successful & sold out 10k NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain with an established 12k+ Discord members and 4k+ Twitter followers . The long-term vision is to build a Mutant Punks Metaverse in the upcoming Facebook/Meta Metaverse.

We are looking for people with a background in DeFi and NFT projects with the next qualifications:

Front End Dev (React, dApp, typescript)

  1. Update assets on front page Swap and Farm pages.
    a. Css - typescript
  2. Update website color theme to design specs
    a. Update theme object with HEX colors and ensure the right color theme is used
    throughout the website
  3. Rename variables and consts from the forks
  4. Update language json files for multiple languages.
  5. Fix bugs with deleting and adding token lists
  6. Write unit tests to test critical swap, add LP and farm logic.
  7. Integrate complex rewarder with chefv2 (double reward pools)

Reward: 1500 USD

The roles currently on hold:

Smart Contract Dev (Solidity, Aurora, Rainbowbridge, Python)

  1. Set up token on Aurora to bridge rMutantCoin from Ethereum
  2. Build a swap contract to swap rMutantCoin to MutantCoin
  3. Help with AMM contracts like chefv2 ensuring double reward pools working correctly
  4. Set up google cloud, github action with python cron script job to run APR calculation and
    update APR json for dAPP to fetch.
  5. Unit test on smart contracts.

DeFi Community Manager (Discord) - the candidate is found

  1. Manage community in the Discord server
  2. Answering common questions from members
  3. Keep the community engaged every day, especially in #general channel
  4. Run event to help members to understand more about DeFi and MutantSwap
  5. Help with social media Twitter, IG
  6. Run NFT giveaway and work with the promoter to grow the community.

I’m interested in community manager

@AnaNastya I’m interested in the front end Dev
Here’s my CV

@Jeromemrys and @Dabbie3229 you two are considered for community management.

Send @AnaNastya a text on Discord with a screenshot of this text.


I’ve sent it to her…

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@Snowy THE REWARD 500 USD is approved

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@Snowy Hey your reward, 1000 USD is approved

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