Community Squad Weekly Updates: 26 April 21

Briefly describe your ‘key results’ from last week’s work plan and your plan for this week. @weekly-updates
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Last week:

  • Guild onboarding: Reviewed guild application proposals & quiz, sent out acceptance emails, sat in interviews.
  • Grants review: Set up interviews with grant project.
  • Catchup with Swagger DAO team: Talked about swagger guild, DAO and more!
  • Meetup with NEAR RU community lead: Rescheduled
  • India accelerator & investor partnership meetings: Met with new partners and discussed plan.
  • Meeting with Europe-Africa Blockchain Developers manager: Received proposal from them and left some comments. Will review this week
  • NEAR AU catchup: Chat with Milen about plans and made some introductions.
  • OKR metrics specifics: Metrics and specifics of onboarding with Grace.
  • Meeting with marketing+partners on website redesign and community page.
  • Workshop working session on telegram

This week:

  • Guild onboarding+ interview+ process refinement
  • NEAR RU meeting
  • India accelerator
  • BI proposal discussion with their team
  • Grants interview
  • NEAR PH meeting
  • OSA proposal discussion with Blaze
  • Hackathons stuff with human guild

Last Week

This Week

Bounty DAO’s:


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Status Boards

Sputnik v2 Project at GitHub
Lang DAO Grants at GitHub
Community Squad Key Results

Last Week

This Week

  • Sputnik v2 Docs Kickoff w/ Gus & Den
  • Grant & Funding Reviews
  • Socialize DAO office hours
  • Finalize Newsletter content
  • DNS settings for Sputnik v1 reskin (w/ Den & MP)
  • CommunityOS UX Kickoff with Tara & Reid
  • Continue roughing in CommunityOS playbook draft
  • Sputnik DAO Analytics with Tiffany and Yifang

Key results from last week:

  • new Sputnik DAOs formed
  • reviewed Community Fund processes to identify best practices
  • moderated weekly NEAR Contributor Q&A session in NEAR Discord
  • hosted weekly Sputnik DAO walkthrough in Open Web Sandbox Discord
  • @NEARdevs Twitter activity
    • summary of growth in April
      • 51.5K tweet impressions (+83%)
      • 163 Mentions (+77%)
      • 406 new followers (+42%)
  • started working on a global Meetup strategy and corresponding playbook
  • organized team working session to improve community experience on Telegram

Plan for this week:

  • Sputnik DAO walkthrough on Wednesday at 5pm EST
  • collaborating on a hype video for Sputnik DAO / Governance Challenge
  • sync with Metagov about governance track of hackathon
    • promote first Q&A session May 1 at 12pm EST (register)
  • coordinating “Bounty DAOs” with partners and other contributors
  • finalize content distribution schedule for “Open Web Creators & Communities” event
  • share plans to update role assignment process in the NEAR Discord
  • help write “Principles of Community Fund Governance”
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