Mãe Solteira Records DAO January, February and March report

[Mãe Solteira Records DAO January, February and March report] (https://maesolteirarecs.sputnik-dao.near)

Project: Mãe Solteira Records’ January, February and March report

Women, BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ communities have always been in a subaltern place in society. Mãe Solteira Records, as you come to know, is a label dedicated to the edition, agency and promotion of artists that belong to these communities.

We’ve been learning about NEAR ecosystem for a while now. Some of our artists have already played at NEAR organized events.
Astrea, our founder, DJ, producer and sound engineer, played on NEARCON, at the Muti’s “BlockParty”; on Incubadora’s “Poliedro” party at cryptovoxels; at a Muti’s event on cryptovoxels as well on the past 24th February.
Marianne, one of our artists, won the first place on a Multiverse’s Prize for the best Music Video and was interviewed to the “Near Metaverse Magazine N1”.
We have created our Astro DAO and the council is complete. We have some of our artists’ pieces on our MintBase Store, and they also have their NEAR wallets created.

We released “Memory Palace” on 21st February, and distributed it on several streaming platforms, including Tamago, and we’re waiting for the CDs to arrive from the factory. “Memory Palace” is still sprouting flowers and is giving NEAR a good reputation on Lisbon’s Underground Scene.

Thanks to NEAR funding, the release party, which happened on January 22nd, was a success! The Compilation has been getting great feedback! We created 5 NEAR Wallets, we’re promoting the album all over the internet and on every description we say that NEAR funded this project. One of the shows of Memory Palace Launch Party, with N△N▽ doing a DJ set and playing violin, was streamed on Near Hub, at Muti’s space, on March 24th.

We can’t wait to share Near Foundation with people within our communities and bring more people to the Near Ecosystem! :slight_smile: