[CLOSED] Mãe Solteira Records DAO August funding request

Project Name: Mãe Solteira Records DAO development

Project members:

Sofia Garrucho aka Astrea: @sophiatheastrea.near

Kássia Laureano: @laureana.near

DAO: maesolteirarecs.sputnik-dao.near

Funding Period: August

For this month our proposal focuses on web developing and having interaction with people within the NEAR Ecosystem. We’re going to make bounties for developing our website and our merchandising. The projects that align more with Mãe Solteira Records aesthetic will win the value that we are asking for (website: 800$, merchandising 810$, press kits 600$).

We also want to continue our work managing social media, we think that it’s on these platforms that we are aiming for more people interested about NEAR. Also, we figured out that at our events people are more focused on music, arts and performance, and it’s not the perfect place to be onboarding users.

Bounty for the website

The website needs to have these tabs:

About: here we’ll say who is Mãe Solteira Records, our mission, goals, team, etc;

Artists: here we’ll have our artist photos and work, with links to releases or sets;

Video: here we’ll have videos published by us, link to YouTube;

Shop: here we’ll have merch and Bandcamp links;

Next events: here we’ll have our next events by date, artist and link to resident adviser;

Near Foundation: here we’ll explain that we have funding from Near Protocol, a cryptocurrency that is part of the Near Foundation and we’ll explain what is Near Ecosystem (Near hub, astro hub), as well as explain NEAR decentralization ideologies. Then indicate that we have a Mintbase store and say if they want to create a NEAR wallet to be part of NEAR Ecosystem, they can send us an email to create it and help them with the onboarding;

Donations: here we’ll have Go Fund Me and Paypal links;

Contact: here we’ll have our contacts and emails;

Bounty for Merchandising

The t-shirts and the tote bags need to have our logo and NEAR Logo. The most creative proposal wins the opportunity to do our merch and also 810$.

Bounty for the Press Kits

We need a Press Kit for each artist of Mãe Solteira Records: Astrea, TAXSH, TYFFWU [Thank You For Flying With Us], Assali and N△N▽, which means a document with the information/bio about the artists and with the Mãe Solteira Records Aesthetic, a photo of the artist and something more that brings up the artists individuality. The most creative proposal wins 600$.

Website 800$
50 T-shirts = 50 Tote Bags 810$
Social Media Management 500$
Social Media Promotion 110$
Total 2720$

Astrea needs new photos to do their promotion. For that, we invited Kalouphy, that will create a wallet and be onboard on Near Ecossystem. The styling will be made by Astrea.

Astrea’s Photoshoot
Styling by Astrea 100$
Make up by Kalouphy 100$
Production (Food for team & preparation of the shoot) 100$
Photography 200$
Total 500$

The Associação de Jovens Ecos Urbanos is a promoter of the event “Semana da Juventude” [Youth Week], in São João da Madeira. This year, the theme of the week is equal rights among all with the sustainability of the planet.

The Youth Week of S. João da Madeira wants to bring questions and perspectives to a new vision of the world. Is it possible to detach ourselves from the socioeconomic concept of capitalist and patriarchal domination? Is it possible to think together in the sense of difference as complementarity? About the idea of ​​Community without leaving anyone behind? And a symbiotic relationship with nature, is it possible? What do we understand by equality and how do we reproduce this ideology in real/everyday?

The Youth Week, for the late afternoon of September 15th, The Associação de Jovens Ecos Urbanos invited Kássia Laureano and Mãe Solteira Records to create a forum on ideas for equality that are part of the different groups of young students, to be presented by a panel of guests. The idea is to bring the Praça Luis Ribeiro, an open socio-educational conversation with the participation of activist artists to share knowledge with moderation by Kássia Laureano, for an open, live, participatory interaction. The special guest for this talk will be Ivvi Romão, actress, model and trans-activist.

Queima Minha Pele by Kássia Laureano
Production 100$
Transportation and food for Ivvi Romão 100$
Talk (Ivvi & Kássia) 100$
Total 300$

Astrea already recorded a foley to integrate audio effects on the video game, to make it more stimulant. They already programmed the audio on Wise, now it’s time to finish the tracks, mixing them, mastering them and publishing the video game.

We also want to make a bounty to a web developer on NEAR Gov to develop a website or platform where Astrea can host its video game.

Game Development
600$ Astrea
400$ Bounty for develop of the website where the game will be played
700$ Total

The total of the funding request is: 4220$

After the approval, all payout proposals will be made on NEAR

I hope you like our monthly budget! Have a nice month!

Hello friends! Could you link us to your last report please? :slight_smile:


Hey guys, your proposal organization doesn’t look good!

Your proposal is missing your forum tag #mae-solteira-dao, moreover, under this tag, there are only two topics… Please link your forum tag to all of your reports and proposals, as it’ll allow us to track your activity in a better way.

As @adrianseneca mentioned, please share with us your July report!


  • Also, I see that you have only 3 members in your DAO. Do you have more plans to gain on-chain members who could participate in your DAO?
  • How NEAR community can join your DAO?
  • How many active members Mae Solteira has so far?
  • Could you please share some links to your releases in web3 or in web2 along with your social media?
  • What successes has your DAO had?


  • The below costs are not related to Creatives DAO, you should create a proposal to #marketing:marketingdao as it falls under their scope! The requested amount should be decreased.


Overall, your proposal doesn’t follow Creatives DAO guidelines, as there’s a lack of information about the funding breakdown, planned steps and outcomes of your single activities, moreover as I mentioned above, your process of submission looks very unorganized and chaotic. Please all necessary make corrections!

Additional attachment for your reports:

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Lack of reply, closing the proposal.