Looking for company/DAO founders/coordinators to take part in paid interviews

Hi folks! Georgia from The User Research DAO here.

I’m running a paid research study into the experiences of founders/builders creating organisations in the web3 space.

Whether your organisation is a traditional web2 org trying to break into web3, or a DAO focussed on investing or humanitarian causes, and whether you’re in start up mode or scaled, we want to learn about your experiences.

This will involve an open and interesting conversation with a professional user researcher, at a date and time of your choosing, and you’ll be paid $60 in USN as a thanks for your time.

To see if you’re eligible to take part, complete this short screener survey and I’ll be in touch User research about building organisations in web3


Hello there

I believe such efforts will will highlight the importance of web3
good luck with this!

and a good opportunity for active Nearians 60$ is a good offer for this task :hugs:

@crypto_blckhntr @REK @dadathoo_crypto @Sura @OkanCaptain and Everyone :slight_smile:


Hello there,

This research will provide you lots of information from different field and i think its gonna be huge! I would like to be part of this

I’m ready to share all information that ive.

Best regards&good luck :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for the tag @KriptoRaptor .
@GeorgiaRakusen we love to share our experience.


hi, thanks! please go ahead and complete the screener. thanks!

thanks! i’d love to interview you. please go ahead and complete the screener and then we can get you booked in. Screener → User research about building organisations in web3

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here’s the screener, thanks! → User research about building organisations in web3

Thanks for the tag @KriptoRaptor
I would be happy to take part in this research :wink:
Already completed the screener :+1:

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I guess this is a huge opportunity for everyone to check their web3 experience.