Launching Sputnik DAOs

Final countdown to the announcement of Sputnik(s)… :artificial_satellite::artificial_satellite::artificial_satellite:



NEAR Guilds have to efficiently and effectively allocate resources to their contributors.


Sputnik DAO is a community-run project united by a common purpose:

Develop Sputnik and expand the intergalactic mesh of satellite organizations :satellite:

Ideally, there will be many Sputnik councils (a.k.a. squads) working together! This potential structure is not limited to a single instance of the contract, which is really a DAO factory. NEAR empowers any group of creators to build their own decentralized autonomous organizations.

How does it work?

Get NEAR account ID

You are a unique participant in our community!

Anyone can submit proposals:

When someone creates a proposal, they must attach a bond (amount of NEAR required to put something to a vote). If a proposal gets accepted, the bond is returned to its creator.


Add / remove council members :sparkles:


Give amount of NEAR to the receiver with a description :receipt:

Vote Period

Currently 5 days :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Change DAO Purpose

We hope to develop new ideas :bulb:

Try here:

Voting Policies

For the initial Sputnik DAO, when a proposal achieves greater than 50% of council members voting “YES,” that decision is finalized. If a payout proposal is approved, then Sputnik automatically delivers funds to the recipient. A voting policy can define thresholds for different kinds of proposals, e.g. different levels of Payout, based on the amount of NEAR requested. With a super majority vote, Sputnik DAO may upgrade its current implementation.

Finalizing Proposals

Generally, X number of “YES” votes are required to approve a proposal, depending on the policy. After a proposal gets a minimum required number of “YES” votes and zero “NO” votes within a grace period, that decision can be finalized by anyone. If it received a majority as defined by the policy, it gets finalized automatically. These policies are modular and flexible, according to specific requirements of a community.

Create your own Sputnik

All are welcome to build solutions with our community! You need a council, goals, and projects in order to develop a Sputnik DAO. The platform will soon have an easy process for launching your own council based on the overall purpose. Write a post like this one to gather additional feedback and invite others to participate.

Smart Contract

Pull requests are welcome!

User Interface

This multi-player game is completely open source, which means you can fork and evolve our code to be more inclusive and sophisticated. Choose your own adventure! Maybe start by communicating with other participants here on the forum. The original council needs to be small in order to reach quorum efficiently.

Open Worlds

Blockchain technology introduces new potential for open governance, which evolves cooperation into collaboration through coordination. Essentially, the alignment created by making decisions together facilitates understanding common goals. I believe Sputnik councils optimizing for impact depend on the collective intelligence of agencies.


Great news!
You may also find new sputnikDao proposals and votes in the telegram bot Telegram: Contact @nearup_bot by /sputnikDao command. Councils will be able to vote direct from telegram for proposals after they /login and issue access key to the genesis.sputnikdao.near contract (bot will help to arrange it)


How To Create a Sputnik DAO :artificial_satellite:

As you may know, Sputnik DAO is a new model for decentralized autonomous organizations (councils). Leveraging the power of NEAR to deliver a smooth user experience, our community experiments with governance / coordination mechanisms enabled by on-chain technology. Perhaps there will be many constellations of Sputnik DAOs?

Step 1: Get Your Contract-Based NEAR Wallet


Step 2: Get Funded via Sputnik DAO Platform

Navigate to Sputnik.Fund

If you land on the homepage (showing a list of Sputnik DAOs), you can browse to discover councils that seem aligned with your purpose. There might already be a Sputnik DAO for distributing resources to participants like you. We hope you check out some proposals, and feel free to submit your own! Here is an example related to the Open Sourcerers…

Proposal 51 :alien: :alien: :alien:


To instantiate your council and launch a Sputnik DAO, you can submit a proposal to acquire 30+ NEAR from an existing Sputnik DAO.

Unlike other blockchains, data storage is built into NEAR protocol to mitigate the problem of chain bloat. For that reason, you need at least 30 NEAR (currently) in each Sputnik DAO.

Step 3: Create a DAO

After you get funded, return to Sputnik DAO platform and click the purple “Change DAO” button.

Then, you will see a list of DAOs under a red button to create a new DAO.

Click that red button, and you will see this “Add New DAO” modal, where initial configuration is going to happen. See below for descriptions of each parameter.


DAO Name

This refers to a sputnikdao.near contract instance. Whatever you input here will be the human-readable account ID of that DAO, for example: name.sputnikdao.near


Why DAO? Maybe indicate a specific goal related to an established project?


These .near accounts will be initial members of the DAO’s council, and each member gets one vote on every proposal. Participants can be added / removed from a council. We recommend keeping the council small (3-5 members). By default, majority rule is the policy for all votes.


Minimum amount required to submit a proposal to the council. When a proposal gets approved, this amount is returned. However, if rejected, it goes into the DAO account.

Vote Period

Number of hours that proposals are open for voting. After this amount of time, proposals expire.

Grace Period

Number of hours after the vote period, in which council members can vote 'NO" to cancel a payout. This provides an opportunity to speak up when a decision is almost finalized.

Amount to Transfer

To create your DAO, send at least 30 NEAR to your new contract instance. After your DAO is launched, anyone may transfer NEAR using its human-readable account ID, like this: name.sputnikdao.near

What Next?

How might your DAO fit into a bigger picture of Sputnik DAOs? Will you help our community develop meaningful solutions?

Let us know any ideas or questions!


I tried to create DAO and it just failed on me :frowning: Failed to create new DAO · Issue #5 · near-daos/sputnik-dao-contract · GitHub

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Really awesome Sputnik DAO. Kudos to the team.

I have created recently a DAO, and I have received a proposal. I don’t know how to interact with the proposal received. What I mean is how I vote Yes/No as a member of the council (it’s a council of just one).

Is there any tutorial or guide on how to use/interact with a DAO?
Thank you!