[Launch] - Meta Bonds - The Secondary Bond Market for NEAR

Hello NEARians! Wishing everyone a great kick start for 2023!

The Meta Pool team never stops #BUILDING on NEAR, in December we launched Meta Staking Vote which is focused on supporting validator and chunk producer nodes in the NEAR Protocol network. Now it is time to showcase our latest product - Meta Bonds.

This is the first bonds marketplace for the NEAR ecosystem, it will allow projects that have launched their tokens on NEAR access to an open market for them to create bonds and drive liquidity for their projects, this is the bonds marketplace announcement.

Let’s go into what we want to achieve.

Liquidity for supporters of Meta Yield projects.
At launch you’ll find in Meta Bonds all the IOUs minted by the Meta Yield platform, in the form of Bonds, both the project tokens and the NEAR locked IOUs can be placed in the bonds marketplace to be traded! Supporter’s capital is not locked anymore and you can cash your allocated project tokens early! just set your price.

We want supporters to have a marketplace where they can access liquidity in case they want to buy future NEAR, and also have direct access to the early launch of project tokens or if they want to trade their own Bonds.

Meta Bonds has a simple process: All supporters of Meta Yield projects already have Bonds in Meta Bonds! and now they can put them for sale or buy other bonds.

On the marketplace the Bond owners can put a bond for sale in auction or for a fixed price, setting the duration and price for the bond offering, which will allow buyers to review different offers and pick the one that suits them best.

For more information please visit the documentation section. We are also scheduling a community AMA on January 26th to answer any questions, please join our Discord for the latest updates.

If you want to get involved and help support us, please reach out in the General channel or fill out this form.

Open market for NEAR project bonds.
The next phase for Meta Bonds is to implement a whitelisting process for any NEP-141 token to be submitted into the marketplace.

We believe that Meta Bonds offers a good opportunity for projects and holders of locked tokens to access liquidity without the risk of flooding the market with their tokens. This gives projects enough time to build the intended utility and create value to the NEAR ecosystem and their token holders.

Check out the Bonds Marketplace platform and let us know what you think in the comments section. We would appreciate your feedback and also ways to collaborate, join the discussion in our Discord.

These are challenging times and we are bullish on what NEAR Protocol and the community can accomplish for 2023, we are making our best effort to showcase what can be built on top of a Proof of Stake blockchain.

Keep on #BUIDLING!


This is a very straightforward product. Easy to understand its purpose, its ease of use, and more important, its outcome.

With Meta Pool’s Meta Bonds Market, the NEAR ecosystem is getting stronger. Everyday, block by block.


We will continue innovating, expect to see new features soon!
We believe the Bond Market can function as a decentralized and permissionless way for investors to back any project!
Next feature is to allow whitelisted projects to mint their own bonds!
Example: ProjectX in NEAR needs to raise capital, they can use the Bond Market to mint 10 Bonds, of 50,000 TokenX each, and put them in an auction sale! The Bonds allow the project to set up a cliff and a gradual release of the tokens, and all is managed by the smart contract.
Investors can later trade the bonds later in the same market!
Investors are happy and safe, project is happy and safe!
#permissionless #freedom #better-than-SAFTS


Love to see the team delivering, innovating and optimizing the ecosystem, congratulations and keep up the good work!


Project well thought out and executed always considering the needs of the Near and Meta Pool community.
A project that favors descentralization actions and support for projects that deserve to be favored by the community.
A whole team effort that has put all their energy and creativity into it.


Yeyyyyy!!! Proud to be part of this hard working and innovative team! Always working to add value and improve the protocol decentralization! Let’s go team!
Meta Staking Vote, Meta Pool, Meta Bonds, Meta Yield & for sure more to come!
Keep on #BUILDING!


Getting stronger and more decentralized, congrats!


This project reflects the work of a well-formed team. Congrats!


They will surely continue to surprise us.
Go Meta Pool Team !

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Looking forward to this. That will open very interesting doors for early stages projects :smiley:


Congratulations on another successful product launch!


Great work! Love the simple process.


Hi there Claudio!
Great insight and amazing project , just a few questions for more clarification.

  1. The buyer made the highest bid which gives him more opportunities to get the bond , would the bid amount (token) be frozen till auction is over ??
  2. Is it possible to bid higher than the available price?
    And is the bond market on testnet? Would like to check it out

Hey @Psalmy thanks for your questions.

  1. The buyer of the bond is getting the locked tokens, those tokens will become liquid when the lock up period is due. When that time arrives, the owner of the bond can claim the unlocked tokens.
  2. Yes.

The Meta Bonds marketplace is on mainnet :wink:

Join the Meta Pool Discord, so you can learn more and get beta access to new products we are buidling :smiley:


Great project! Hope to use it to build new dApps on NEAR!

Congratulations, team!


Congratulations! Will use the links to learn more about the ecosystem