Key Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Weekly Updates Nov 2

Time: October 24 - October 31

Executive Summary/Key Insights

  • NEARCon was a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE SUCCESS from all data! (Shout out to MarCom team and star @Yadira) Rebranded NEAR site (Huge Props to @jake and all contributed) gained over 200%, almost 300% increase in traffic, one of the largest increases after mainnet launch. More excitingly, new accounts increased by around 200% as well, meaning that we were able to convert and onboard a large number of people who are interested in NEAR.
  • MAD passed 1250 with the continued growth!!! Weekly Active developers also continued to grow to the level of 500!
  • Major attention drew from the $800M Ecosystem grant and especially the $350M DeFi grant. The DeFi landscape at NEAR has indeed been growing in all aspects, with Cheddar ranking on the most active contract list and DeFi projects as well as Bridge+Aurora taking over the top account creation referral dapps.

Key Efforts Last weeks

Many of these are key contributing factors to the data changes last week

Oct 25

  • NEAR is launching $800M Ecosystem Grants

Oct 26

  • NEARCON Day 1
  • Graph Integrates with NEAR

Oct 27

  • NEARCON Day 2
  • Youminters launch on NEAR

Oct 28

  • Ariadne finance formed strategic partnership with NEAR
  • Keyko formed joint venture with NEAR called Chikai

Oct 29

  • DIA Oracle integrates with NEAR

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Top Line Metrics

All about the MAD (Monthly Active Developer)

MAD Internal (based on CLI data in the last 30 days)

Monthly Active Developer continued to grow from previous weeks, passing 1250! The momentum of growth was continued because of the partnerships, NEARCon and integrations in the ecosystem.

Accounts and more

Daily Number of New Accounts

Daily account creation level spiked during 26-27, which is around 2x our usual level, as a result of the NEARCon showing that we were able to onboard and convert over 15k people at the event to join the ecosystem.

From the breakdown below, we can see that DeFi landscape at NEAR is again on the top of the list, especially excited to see the new name cheddar farm on the list. was able to continue with the awesome work and directing more new comers to the account creation pages.

Mintbase event was successful with its rank on the top 10 here. Bridge and Aurora continued to gain interest from the Ethereum community.

Transactions, Txs, Txs

Daily Number of Transactions

Daily transactions spiked to the level of around 350k during the days of NEARCon, showing that not only new accounts were created, but they also interacted with dapps and projects in the NEAR Ecosystem.

From the contracts breakdown, we can see that the spike was mostly contributed by nearcrowd, which was proudly mentioned by Illia, Cheddar, newly released farming on NEAR, ref and aurora, was well as wrap.near, all effective signs of the activeness of DeFi on NEAR.

Important Contributing Metrics Dive

Daily New Developers

From CLI

The average of new developers using CLI increased to 50 last week, which is another 25% increase from the previous week, showing that all recent announcements and events were able to successfully attract developer attention.

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days Weekly

Weekly active developer and dev-deploy/deploy remained stable at 500 and 200 respectively. However, we can see that the ratio between the two experienced some slight increase up to 2/5 instead of the ~1/2 as before. This shows that many weekly developers were not deploying or dev-deploying rather using view smart contract commands more often. We will need to observe for a longer period to make a conclusion around if this is a normal trend some time after events like hackathon. Top of Funnel Traffic Snapshot

The traffic increased by 250% with new users increased by almost 300%, showing more new users came onto This is one of the largest increases on a weekly basis that we have seen after mainnet launch.

From the country breakdown, we can see that traffic increases are mostly coming from India, however, all countries showed almost 100% increase on average and all European countries showed over 200% increase on average.

From the traffic source breakdown, we received most of the traffic from the 850% increase in direct traffic, 84% increase from Google and 378% increase from Twitter. Shout out to the teams managing Twitter @JMaenen!

NEAR Price in the last 30 Days

NEAR price increased to a new historical high at ~$13 last week around the time of NEARCon, after the announcement of the $800M ecosystem grant and the $350M DeFi grant.


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