June Report from the Chief Vibe Officer of the NDC

Summary Report: Chief Vibe Officer - June 2023


This report serves as an overview of my activities and contributions as the Chief Vibe Officer in June as well as a request for increase in pay from 3500 to 4500 in pay. Throughout the month, my focus was on fostering the growth and success of our organization.

  1. Twitter Spaces with Working Groups (WGs):

I had the opportunity to host three interactive Twitter Spaces sessions with different Working Groups. These sessions provided a platform for open discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. By facilitating productive conversations and fostering a sense of community and inclusivity, we had participation ranging from 25 to 53 individuals.

  1. Constellation Summit:

One of the highlights of the month was organizing and executing the Constellation Summit. This event had a great turnout, with over 50 attendees. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase our organization’s achievements, goals, and future plans.

  1. Daily Office Hours:

I dedicated a significant amount of time to daily office hours, where I provided support and guidance to community members. By attending more than 80% of the daily office hours throughout the month, I aimed to promote a culture of accessibility and inclusivity within our organization.

  1. Onboarding of 1500+ Humans:

An important aspect of my role was to welcome and integrate over 1500 new members into our organization. By creating a warm and welcoming environment, I ensured a smooth transition for newcomers, fostering a sense of belonging and community engagement.

  1. Near Toronto RC Community Kickoff:

I actively participated in organizing the Near Toronto RC Community Kickoff event. We threw a great party fro collision. We set sail on the Lady Yankee with 280+ attendees Illia and NF included :nerd_face:.

  1. NEAR Africa Launching:

In June we had a successful launch of NEAR Africa WG. A collective focused on amplifying Near in the content of Africa. Including a Near Africa Twitter with over a 100 followers (https://twitter.com/nearafrica_), Astro Dao (https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-africa.sputnik-dao.near), and BOS page (https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=near-africa.near)

  1. ReFi on NEAR Launch:

During June, I helped strategize and consult on the launch of ReFi WG, a significant milestone. We launched the twitter (https://twitter.com/NEAReFi), worked on the Regen Alliance NFT collection drop (https://twitter.com/BasedDeeegen/status/1678375154760527874?s=20), BOS page (https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=refinear.near), and grew telegram to over 100 members (https://NEARBUILDERS.com/tg-refi).

  1. Near @ Night Twitter Space:

Did the Near @ Night Twitter Space event. This interactive session provided a platform for community members to engage in lively discussions and share their thoughts on various topics. It fostered a positive and engaging atmosphere.

  1. Assumed the Role of Growth and Strategy from Joep:

In the month of June Joep had to step down for health reasons, and I took over the role of Growth and Strategy. Focusing on leading daily stand ups and running the IAH competition.


During the month of June, I actively engaged in community building, strategy, and hosting various events. Through these efforts, I aimed to create a positive and inclusive environment. By showcasing dedication, creativity, and a strong commitment to our organization’s growth and development, I believe we achieved imacculate vibes throughout the month.


Thank you for your report, and your outstanding work.

Most of the activities listed are ideally roles and duties of community engagement manager.

And in management not every month one has a lots of tasks to execute. Adding a additional role from someone to your engagements need to be balance.

My question is are you asking for increment for June payment or general payment increase??

3500$ is very fair looking at your current engagement if not it’s for only june as a result of joep tasks additions.


Fully support this request. You took on additional work when the urgency was there and have delivered good work!

I support this request. With both Joep and Sarah stepping down your tasks and responsibilities have def increased. Thanks for doing good work!