Chief Vibe Officer July Report

CVO Monthly Report - July 2023

As the Chief Vibe Officer (Community Engagement Manager), my focus for the month of July was on voter education and onboarding initiatives. Throughout the month, I actively engaged with the community to strategize, plan, and execute various projects that aimed to foster a deeper understanding of decentralized governance principles and encourage active participation within the NEAR ecosystem. This report outlines the key responsibilities undertaken and highlights the accomplishments achieved during this period.


  1. NDC SMM Management:
  • Managed and nurtured the NEAR Protocol Twitter account to ensure regular updates and community engagement.
  • Strategized content rollout to provide valuable information about NEAR’s governance and voting processes.
  • Actively responded to community queries and feedback, fostering a transparent and open communication channel.
  1. Voter Education Initiatives:
  • Organized weekly Twitter Spaces sessions dedicated to voter education and discussions on governance topics.
  • Collaborated with the Governance Working Group to create educational resources, including blog posts and video tutorials, explaining the voting mechanisms on NEAR.
  1. Baguettes and Ballots Campaign: (Baguettes & Ballots – NEAR Gov… | Partiful)
  • Planned and executed the Baguettes and Ballots activation campaign in Paris.
  • Collaborated with local community leaders and influencers to raise awareness about the importance of community participation and governance in NEAR.

  1. Community Engagement:
  • Fostered active community participation in various NEAR Protocol subgroups, including ReFi WG, NEAR Africa, NEAR Toronto, and Degens.
  • Organized community events, AMAs, and discussions to create a sense of belonging and encourage collaboration.
  1. I-AM-HUMAN Competition Management:
  • Managed the I-AM-HUMAN competition, which showcased the creativity and talent of NEAR’s community members.
  • Provided guidance and support to participants, ensuring a smooth and inclusive competition.
  1. Decentralized Governance 101 Event:
  • Successfully hosted the Decentralized Governance 101 event in Madrid, in collaboration with esteemed guests Russ and Shot at the Madrid Innovation Lab.
  • Developed event materials, presentations, and interactive sessions to educate participants on the significance of decentralized governance within the NEAR ecosystem.

Key Deliverables and Accomplishments:

  1. Increased Voter Turnout: Through a targeted voter education campaign and the Twitter Spaces sessions, we observed a notable increase in the number of community members actively participating in on-chain voting. This led to more informed decisions and a stronger sense of ownership within the NEAR community.

  2. Successful Baguettes and Ballots Campaign: The Baguettes and Ballots campaign in Paris received significant traction on social media platforms, and we witnessed a surge in new community members from the region. The campaign succeeded in emphasizing the importance of voting and its impact on shaping the NEAR ecosystem.

  3. Engaging Community Events: The various community engagement events organized during the month received positive feedback, resulting in an increase in collaboration and knowledge sharing among NEAR enthusiasts. These events fostered a sense of camaraderie and strengthened the community’s ties.

  4. I-AM-HUMAN Competition Success: The I-AM-HUMAN competition showcased the incredible talent within the NEAR community and highlighted the diverse creative skills possessed by our members. The competition drew attention to NEAR as a platform that values and encourages community contributions.

  5. Impactful Decentralized Governance 101 Event: The Decentralized Governance 101 event in Madrid provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of decentralized decision-making processes within NEAR. Participants expressed a strong desire to get involved in governance initiatives and contribute actively to the platform’s growth.

Conclusion: The month of July 2023 was marked by successful voter education and onboarding initiatives that significantly contributed to the growth and maturity of the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. Through strategic content dissemination, community engagement, and educational events, we were able to foster a more knowledgeable and participatory community. The Baguettes and Ballots campaign, along with the I-AM-HUMAN competition, highlighted the creativity and dedication of our community members. Moreover, the Decentralized Governance 101 event in Madrid solidified NEAR’s commitment to empowering its community and promoting decentralized decision-making.

As the NEAR community continues to grow, we remain steadfast in our dedication to voter education and onboarding, ensuring that every member has the tools and knowledge to actively participate in shaping the future of NEAR Protocol. Looking forward, we will build on this momentum and strive for even greater community involvement and collaboration in the coming months. Together, we will continue to drive NEAR’s success as a thriving decentralized ecosystem.