June 2022: Soft Spaces: Movement in the Browser NFTs

Soft Spaces

It is series of classic video processing algorithms that uses the webcam input as a source and the browser as performance space; it helps us to rediscover the affordances of movement and perception augmented by computational systems and strategies. The space of the frame is choreographed and remapped in coupling with user/performer. Soft Spaces represent the cognitive continuity of software, interface and embodiment. They are invitations to create and compose.
"Canonical (Soft Space #1)
The computer recomposes time and space creating and generating always new space-time loops and rhythms. Pachebel’s canon in D is offered as a meta-logical pattern and a context for image recomposition with repetitions, juxtapositions and counterpoints.
Enjoy the space here:
works better in Chrome and brave (not so well in safari).
Programming: Marlon Barrios Solano, Cristian Vogel and Mariana Carranza
Concept: Marlon Barrios Solano
Programmed in p5.js
MIT Lisence.
Artist: Chamber Music Society
Song: Canon in D
Composer: Johann Pachelbel
This is a prototype for MotionDAO NFT collection and experiment of NFT as engaged/performance activities.
Participants are invited to create wallets and receive incentive and shared royalty.

New York dancer Laura Ward created first video from the Soft Space Canonical.