[JOB OFFER] Human Guild content creator + Discord moderator

Hello, we at Human Guild are interested in increasing the creation of content about ,WEB3 gaming, as well as about Human Guild and projects related to it. And also we need help in moderating the Discord server (but content creation is more important).

We are looking for a person who will create articles and threads dedicated to WEB3 gaming and Human Guild, as well as help us in moderating the Discord server.

We offer payment of 1000$ per month.

We offer a competition for this position, for this you need to write an article on the topic: Reasons why Game developers should build on #Web3

For communication please contact me in Telegram: @evg3nykh


Hey! Mark me in​:v:

We have to submit the article here or on TG?


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Hi, better in Telegram

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I would love to apply for the job of Content Creation in The Human Guild as advertised on The Forum.

My name is Mayowa 'Big M ’ Fatokun. I am a council member in BeatDAO.

What must I do?
Thank you.

PS: I tried sending you a message on TG but it bounced back.

Hey mate,

Write an article on the given topic and submit him on TG​:v:

Good Luck​:herb:


Hello, thanks for your response.

I am unable to reach him. Does the DAO have a TG group?

Reach out there on TG

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Can you see the red mark?

thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Is your telegram account new?

Send me your telegram, i will text you

Ok thank you


But here is my username


I’m interested in the Moderator position.

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Hey @Psalmy @Wealth242


@psalmy69 please am also interested

That’s my TG handle
I’m a developer with knowledge of web 3 gaming and would be one of the best choice for the job


Hello. I’m interested in this role. I’m a blockchain content creator. You can check my resume and portfolio here.

The topic is quite an interesting one. I’ll research adequately and write it.
I’ll submit the test task and contact you on Telegram.

I published my article on medium and sent to you with telegram.Could you check it sir?

Hello. I tried to send you a message to submit my test task on Telegram but it didn’t go through.

Here’s my telegram handle.

I hope to hear from you soon.