[APPROVED] Human Guild Video Series Production Management

This proposal is for wages to manage the production and creative vision of the several Human Guild video series that are currently in production with @sashahudzilin 's kind approval and @igkirill 's expert photography and cinematic wizardry.

As echoed in Kirills post we are endeavoring to capture the stories of NEAR project founders and their journeys on this unique path to inspire and educate those thinking of breaking into the space themselves and those that are already here alike. Shining a “spotlight” on the hard work and dedication of our favorite projects in one series and touching on some of the most asked “how to” questions by the newly arrived developer community in another.

Budget: $800 in NEAR per finished video.

Thank you for your time in consideration of this matter,



Hello @orztirrstudio - please refer to our guide where we have a breakdown for how to apply for funding for a creative project from the Creatives DAO.

Since this video creation project is an awareness-raising endeavour and therefore a marketing project, I’ve recategorized this post to fit under Marketing and am bringing it to the attention of the Marketing DAO (cc: @jcatnear @David_NEAR @norah.near @cryptocredit) as this is their area.

Good luck - sounds like an awesome project!


Yes, Ma’am. Sorry about that, my artist brain see’s everything as a primarily creative endeavor sometimes, :smiley: Thank you for re-categorizing it! And thanks for the well wishes, things are rolling along nicely thus far.

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Hi @orztirrstudio ! We’ve looked this over, please file your funding request to the Marketing DAO vertical.

CC: @David_NEAR @cryptocredit

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for context: this is content series we are doing within Human Guild, and HG DAO is funding it


So then shouldn’t it be in a HG DAO section? Or have some sort of connection so that can be clear from the post? I feel as though many here, including me, are a little confused :sweat_smile:

Thanks for clearing this up. We’ll remove the Marketing DAO tags on this post.