[JOB OFFER] Human Guild content creator + Discord moderator

Hi, my article is ready. I have submitted to @evg3nykh through telegram.
My telegram ID is: @html1704
Thanks and hope you like it

Hello @haenko. I’ve tried to send you a message on Telegram to submit my test task but your settings didn’t allow that. Can you please check? My handle is @BlockchainWriter.

Thank you.

hiii, i would like to participate in this, i tried contacting @evg3nykh on telegram, but it’s not going through…

Please is this still on so I can participate

Hi!, is this still on or closed already ser? :smile:
Would you need another reference like LinkedIn or such? :blush:

This sounds like a job for the Neko Content Creator Team! We have onboarded 3 crypto content creators with large existing audiences.

Neko creators are currently rewarded in NEKO token for making educational content about the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. We have already produced over 100 TikToks, YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, etc. The Neko Content Creators we onboarded have fallen in love with the NEAR ecosystem and are now working to grow their platforms around NEAR. @AaronAbyss is a great example of this with his upcoming NEAR News Series.

The Neko #LearnToEarn initiative rewards people with NEKO for watching and engaging with Neko content as well!

We strive to build a close relationship with all facets of the NEAR community to ensure the content we are making has the highest impact on onboarding and educating. Working with the Human Guild would be a great step in this direction.

Also, we have a fantastic team of Discord mods and Community Managers. We could easily onboard one of them to your server. In our opinion, your post requires two separate roles/positions because a good Discord moderator will most likely be a different person than a great content creator.