[May] 500 seasons: Product manager

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

We are excited to invite you for the collaboration with 500Seasons!

Brief Description of Project

500 Seasons Metaverse was developed by members of the Decentral Immersive Alliance, working on the standardization of avatars and cross-metaverse solutions. In addition to developers, the creative team includes specialists from many areas of the gaming and film industries.

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

We are looking for a team player who will participate in the restart of the project. The main qualities of the candidate - are self-starter and proactivity.
Also, we expect the candidate to the passing of next qualities:

  1. Ability to adapt quickly
  2. Systematize business processes, ability to work with task managers
  3. Well developed communication skills
  4. Understanding of the NFT market or experience in crypto projects

The project requires 20 - 30 hours/weekly


The tasks of the product manager at the start of the project (June/July 2022):

Assist in the formation of the primary team. Interviewing applicants for the next roles:

  • discord moderator (community development)
  • twitter moderator (community and partnership development)
  • content manager (posts and games for the community)
  • project manager KPI coordination of teams: 500s developers game site + Ai/ML/Gpt-3 team
  • assistant product manager

Product development.
Marketing, KPI lead social media managers and departments, strategic planning, and communication roadmap.

RnD+Partnerships, grants, updating/pitch deck

Required Skills

  • Experience in product or program management, product marketing, business development or technology
  • Experience in delivering technology products/services in a high growth environment, with a demonstrated ability to translate advantages to partners
  • A proven track record of product launches where you have taken a product from concept to launch, driving product vision, defining go-to-market strategy, creating product roadmaps, driving UX decisions, and steering technical implementation discussions
  • Advanced knowledge of blockchain (at least 3 years of experience in blockchain and some proven experience on NEAR)
  • Excellent writing and speaking English skills


1500 - 1800 USD + products of the project



Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Find it on our Project Dashboard and apply for it through there: Projects Dashboard

Have a nice day,
from the OWS team.


Are they still looking a Product Manager?
I am interesting with this position.

Hey, thank you for your interest
Yes, could you please fill in the form on Dashboard (link on the post)?