I've an issue about contract initialisation

I’ve an issue about contract initialisation (I’m working on sputnik-dao-contract https://github.com/near-daos/sputnik-dao-contract)
I deployed a contract on anank13.testnet. It was a contract to be a DAO (sputnik-dao-contract/sputnikdao2/res/sputnikdao2.wasm). Ok right. But now I have deployed test_token.wasm with the same address. When I’m initialising it with
near call anank13.testnet new --accountId anank13.testnet --gas $MAX_GAS
I have
ExecutionError: 'Smart contract panicked: The contract has already been initialized' .
Obviously, I had previously initialise it but now it’s not the same contract. How can I revoke previous initialisation to create a new one ? Have I miss a function in one of lib.rs ?


Best place to get technical support is here on Zulip Chat or over on the Discord during office hours

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Ah thank you it’s what I was looking for.

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