Genesis.sputnikdao.near proposal - Use Sputnik2 DAO for the metapool

I plan to use Sputnik V2 as DAO to control the metapool: Meta Staking Pool | NEAR Meta Staking Pool in mainnet.
The metapool is already deployed in testnet and tested by the community: MetaStaking Pool
In order to use Sputnik-V2, I need to test the remote-upgrade functionality and will create a contract example of an Sputnik-V2-DAO-upgradeable smart contract to add to Sputnik-V2 examples.


how can I vote for this?

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Hi Lucio, does this PR address your needs?

That’s good, but no. I want to build a fully tested example for the DAO successfully upgrading a remote-contract. I think that’s the key functionality for contract-controlling DAOs.


@illia I am doing the remote-upgrade test/example you mentioned in discord

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Hey Lucio! Could you provide a link where Illia requested this feature please?

I can’t find the msg, maybe I misread another msg?.
Nevermind, I see illia added a test for remote-upgrade in a commit 2 days ago.
What I wanted to see is the receiving method in the remote contract… but I guess that’s at ref_exchange