Italian Guild [October 2021] Kickstarting the community

Hi everyone,

I’m Giuseppe and with @stanisnear I’m working on creating the Italian Guild.

The project was proposed at the beginning of this month and is taking life thanks to the support of @jcpacion. Our main goal is to involve Italians into the community destroying the wall represented by the language barrier.

As everyone knows the beginning is always the most challenging part and involves few plan changes.

The action plan for this month was to start creating the channels, the structure of the community and to get in touch with the already existing Italian realities.

Instagram and twitter are the first 2 channels that we focused on. This was meant to trigger the curiosity of a consistent amount of people that, in the very near future, we want to redirect to the other channels: Telegram, discord and reddit.

Below you can find the direct links to our Instagram and Twitter:


[Twitter] @near_italia

Moreover through this month we got in touch with the already existing Italian Crypto communities and we are looking forward to cooperate with them.

We have already an agreement in order to publish an article regarding Near on the following Blog:

Forum investimentiitalia

Finally, we are publishing on a daily bases Instagram stories about Near and the Nearverse (1 got also shared by our official page :slight_smile: )

Attached you can find a picture of the posts shared until now and the way they look in our feed.

I hope you find this update interesting and I wish you all enjoy the Nearcon,

Thanks for your time



Welcome, it’s great working with you giusè!

Ciao @GiuseppeBk great to see your plans to create Italian Guild.

FYI there is also a telegram group for Italian speakers Telegram: Contact @NEARitalia

I have recategorized your post to Marketing as I see that you have posted a funding request to the Marketing DAO.

I am sure @jcatnear explained that you need to wait until a moderator from the Marketing DAO changes your proposal to Approved before submitting a funding request to the DAO.

Also you should update your post to include a brief outline of how you intend to use the funds and the amount being requested. Thanks!



Hi Cryptocredit,

Sure my bad,
I’ll do my best to go ahead as you outlined in your message before the end of monday,

Thanks for the kind reply,

Hope you have a great weekend,


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Hi @GiuseppeBk any update on your plans for the Italian Guild?

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Thanks again for the interest I pubblished a new post :slight_smile:

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