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Guild Name: Near Italia

Funding scheme: Trimestral

  • Initiative Summary

Hello everyone! My name is Giuseppe and together with @stanisnear I am the guild leader of Near Italia. For who doesn’t know me or didn’t meet me in Lisbon, I’m an Italian native speaker with a background in digital marketing and management. I have always been a cryptocurrency enthusiast and I’m looking forward to add value to an already successful project like NEAR.
Our proposal was first brought to the attention of @jcpacion around the very beginning of October and is based on the belief that Italy is a country that has a lot to offer and full of talented people.
According to this, our ultimate goal would be to give to Near more visibility in Italy destroying the language barrier which, unfortunately, represents still a limit in our country.
At the moment there is almost no content published in Italian that is related to Near. I’m pretty sure that Italians are not aware of the high potential of the blockchain and our community.

We decided that our priority would be to start triggering the curiosity of the Italian public focusing on 3 main steps:

  • Kickstarting the community

  • Interacting with other crypto realities

  • Translating

At the beginning of October we launched our Twitter and Instagram official pages (links below) and started our “networking job”.

[Login • Instagram](https://Near Italia)


Our efforts were made in order to create a reliable Instagram page where we could start building our community and that would provide good quality content. We have been publishing at least 2 posts per week, sharing stories and engaging with the existing Italian crypto communities.

Let’s have a look to some beloved data and how the page is looking :blush:

Today our community page counts a total of 180 followers and 12 posts have been already published. Below you can find a preview of how the page looks today:

Below you can find the Instagram analytics for the post that was published 3 days ago and that was promoted.

The post reached 739 people and targeted the right age and location.

For who is not familiar with Italian regions, Lombardia is located in the north and includes Milan and it is currently the most economically advanced region of Italy.

I also created a Twitter account where I share the content provided by the most active NEAR related pages. I’m planning to push on the development of this channel together with the Telegram group in the very near future.
The Telegram channel is already available thanks to the help of @cryptocredit and will be the official one: Telegram Near Italia. We intentionally decided not to officially “advertise” the channel in order to boost it with a giveaway. The entry of the giveaway would be granted to people that follows all our channels (Italians and Official) and that that create a Near Wallet. The giveaway would represent already a topic that can keep people engaged and give us visibility.

  • Regarding “the networking job”, here is how it is going:

We agreed on a cooperation with the Italian blog [Forum investimentiitalia] (Investimenti Italia - Indice). We will write and publish an article on that blog for free.

We also got in touch with Marco Cavicchioli the first youtuber to ever publish a video about Bitcoin in Italy. Marco has a lot of credibility in the field and is considered one of the Italian Crypto Gurus.

He invited us to contact the web magazine “The Cryptonomist” The Cryptonomist where he writes and publishes Crypto related articles.

We have already a deal with The Cryptonomist for publishing an article in English and Italian about Near where our channels can be mentioned.

Here is a picture taken from their brochure regarding the organic reach of the website that goes around 1.01 Milions of views pm. For the most curious I will hereby attach the full brochure:

brochure_Cryptonomist.pdf (1.4 MB)

Website readers Stats

  • Regarding the translation of material, we will prioritize the following topics:
  1. What is Near? (I will take care of this)

  2. How I create a Near wallet (Cryptocredit offered his help to translate this😊, thanks again)

  3. As many blog posts as possible (Nightshade Sharding, Paving the Way for Mass Adoption; NEAR a Climate Neutral blockchain etc)

  • Estimated timeline and achievement milestones.

Given the fact that we are at the very beginning of our journey we would be happy to achieve, by the end of the year, a total of 300+ follower for Instagram and Twitter and to have a solid Telegram group that counts 50 members. Moreover, in the same timeframe, we count on closing the deal with The Cryptonomist and to translate at least the 2 first articles mentioned above

  • Funding Details

Below you can find the details of the amount requested amount for this 3 months including December:

This amount is related to all what has been done until now and what we will accomplish for the end of the year, it also includes:

Monthly subscription for Canva (the core tool used to create content): 13.50 $ per month;

Paid promotion of the posts from 2$ to 5$ per post

100 $ funds for a givaway

  • Una tantum Expenses:

140 Near approximately 1050 $ to pay the publication of the article (1000$) and since The Cryptonomist doesn’t accept Near I included 50$ more for eventual Gas or Trading fees.

NEAR Wallet ID: giuseppebk.near

Thanks everyone for the time you are spending in reading this post, for anything please feel free to contact me or @stanisnear,

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Giuseppe :slight_smile:



Hi @GiuseppeBk, thanks for the proposal.

I would really highlight the NEAR Italia community so that there’s a way for people to join. I realize the intention is to launch it with a giveaway, but for people to come into a group during a giveaway, and not see any discussions, would be pretty disappointing and not an ideal experience.

This could be your Telegram group. Instagram and Twitter are great for building audience, which can then translate into a community on a platform like Discord or Telegram groups. On Twitter, apart from RT’s, I’d love to see more original tweets in Italian. The reason why someone would follow that is to get updates etc in Italian.

One of the questions you might run into after you create this community, would be- How can i contribute to NEAR. Perhaps this can be a blog post in Italian, at some point.

Where is this paid promotion? Twitter? Instagram? What is the goal from these paid promos? I would tie it to some strong call to action, like joining the community.


Hi @GiuseppeBk good to see your plans for the Italia Guild.

I see that you have indicated that this funding is trimestral (for three months). For a new guild we would prefer if you would start by requesting funding for one month. This gives the @marketingdao-council the opportunty to monitor and evaluate results.



Hi Shreyas, first of all thanks for the feedback,

My intention is to launch it with a giveaway in order to boost the group from the very beginning.
With more people in the group they will for sure interact more.
I also realized that from the very beginning there is the need for a bot or some setting that would not allow people to enter, spam links and go out (in the main telegram you cannot send a link in the first 24 since you entered). For this I wanted to ask if someone can help me to set it up.

Regarding advertising the content I mean the basic paid promotion of Instagram. I put the example in the post. The suggestion to promote a CTA for people to join the community is a very good Idea, thanks.

Hi Cryptocredit,

I did a trimestral proposal because I mentioned also what was done in October and November. But of course, it makes more sense to have it monthly.

Thanks for the feedback

@GiuseppeBk we discussed your proposal in our weekly Marketing DAO meeting today.

Following this i am switching this proposal to Approved.

Please go ahead with a payout request to the Marketing DAO on Astro.

Good luck with your project!


Thanks Cryptocredit,

Much appreciated, I’ll go ahead with the payout request, and with all that was planned for the guild.

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Good evening dear Giuseppe. What the role of Stan in your community? What his goals ? Thank You very much.

Here is report Bi-Monthly Report 11/01/21 - 12/31/21 Reddit/Gen Ops & Near Italia - #14 by stanisnear

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