[Introduction] Tribe Thrive DAO - Providing Sustainability solutions to existing DAOs

We have over 600 DAOs in the NEAR eco-system trying to grow and develop their community.

After a lot of efforts, our DAOs have formed a web of network and have been in pursuit of creating valuable and meaningful work.

However the issue that most of our DAOs face today is

  1. reaching outside of NEAR to grow their community size
  2. developing resilient internal processes for streamlined functioning
  3. generating revenues for long term sustainability.

A few questions arise -

  1. How do these DAOs function when the funding from NEAR stops.
  2. Do we have required support systems to sustainability and support?
  3. Do we have a team of mentors and advisors who are helping the existing DAOs grow and thrive and new DAOs get to speed and help overcome complexity?

In an effort to solve these issues, assist DAOs in the journey of sustainability and providing DAOs with interoperability and hence resilience, we introduce - Tribe Thrive The Self Sustainability DAO

Council Members

Monish - @monish016

Sahil - @cryptonaut

Irfan - @titussliffy

Services for NEAR DAOs

  1. Marketing, Social media management, Website creation, Community building

  2. Internal DAO to DAO collaboration

  3. Revenue generation - Decentralised Creatives Agency and other ideas in pipeline

  4. Portfolio management - managing your funds and providing strategies based on your risk appetite.

  5. Mentorship - Shaping Roadmap, Customised onboarding package, Provinding sustainabbility solutions

Media and Education

  1. Newsletters on DAO sustainability - blog, AMA with successful DAOs

  2. Case studies of successful DAOs

  3. Courses for NearComers to understand Web3 and blockchain

  4. Repository of how to’s and educational content

DAOs looking for sustainability solutions can get in touch with us via google form attached.


Thanks for the introduction, looking forward to see how you can help the existing DAOs to get sustainable :innocent::+1:

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We’re gonna share a plan of execution and a proposal soon.

Thanks for your support @rahulgoel007

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