[Approved] Tribethrive DAO - Jul-2022

Project/Council Members:


Target: tribethrivedao.sputnik-dao.near

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Total Requested Funding Amount: $2000 in DAI


The Thrive DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that provides sustainable solutions to other DAOs in the near protocol by giving them mentorship and community-building strategies. The Thrive DAO was created to provide a space for DAOs to grow and thrive. The team behind the Thrive DAO believes that decentralization is the key to success in the modern world, and they are committed to helping other organizations achieve this goal.

The first step in creating a sustainable DAO is ensuring that it has a strong community behind it. The Thrive team can help with this by providing advice on how to build a thriving community around your organization. They also offer mentorship programs that can help you learn from experienced leaders in the field of decentralization.

The projects we are currently supporting include

  1. Capital Guild
  2. Children of the DAO

Another important aspect of sustainability is financial stability. The TribeThrive team can help you develop strategies for fundraisers and investments that will ensure your organization has the resources it needs to continue operating smoothly into the future.

Finally, another vital part of any successful DAO is governance. Decentralized organizations need to have robust governance structures in place so that they can make decisions efficiently and democratically. The TribeThrive team can guide you in setting up these structures within your organization.

Overall, the TribeThrive DAO offers valuable services which can help make other DAOs more sustainable. If you are looking for ways to get involved and make a difference, consider reaching out to the TribeThrive team today!

We request 2000 USD to Support Sustainability Solutions for through Tribe Thrive DAO.

  1. Capital Guild
  2. Children of the DAO

Cost Breakdown for Each DAO:

400 - Digital Design services and Writing services for creative copies.

150 - Roadmap, Mission, vision, Pitch deck, Lite paper

150 - Community engagement activities. Real-life and in the metaverse.

100 - Mentor - 1 call per week to check if the direction of the DAO is in order

100 - Treasury

100 - portfolio management (Defi investment, staking, buy sell calls, Node creation opportunities)

Metrics to measure success:

⁃ Social media month-on-month growth numbers.

⁃ Submission of the pitch deck and lite paper

⁃ Reporting community growth numbers. Telegram, Onchain

⁃ Mentor video call snapshots, Learnings of the meeting

⁃ Results of the funds increased, and opportunities suggested

Thank you


already applied to TT DAO
Hope you choose Dice DAO

@Segadas Take a look


Yeah, I am with @beetlejuice on that matter.


Hey @Cryptonaut

Do you have an introduction to your DAO?

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Hey Pawel,

Sure. Sharing the link.


Dear Tribethrive DAO,
Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.
Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts.
Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

In an effort to become more transparent in decision making I also want to note some highlights that make your proposal great:

  • organized & structured proposal according to the guidelines,
  • clear planned steps,
  • focused activities on the community, and for the DAO’s growth.

Congratulations on being approved, so proud to be a part of the Thribe Tribe dao family, looking forward to adding as much value to the NEAR ecosystem through the same. Cheers and Congrats again!!


Good evening!

What kind of support if the guild has a road map and sustainable support from Marketing and Creatives DAO.

Dear @Paul could you please take a look at my question and share your thoughts as well? Thank you.


Great to see this kickstarted and looking forward to experiment with you guys :pray:


Looking forward @ELKHUSH !
Have a good weekend. Speak to you guys soon!


@Dacha, thanks for your concerns, I appreciate that!

Tribethrive is a fresh DAO, with good fundamentals and clear planned steps. As the ⅔ of the council are well known and they’re really suppurative within the ecosystem, moderators decided to give a chance to this DAO and see what support it can bring to other DAOs and what impact it will have, as their actions are focused on the Creatives community and digital designs fall under Creatives DAO vision. As the council will not charge any additional fee for their work at their beginning, we believe that’s proof of the clearest intentions.
Moreover, every DAO is being accountable based on their previous reports and DAO’s tx, therefore if something will be not correct in terms of funds distribution or delivered objectives, moderators will take all necessary steps to stop the support.

Hope, that everything is alright on your side.
With regards!


Nice to know about a supporting initiative. But I can’t understand why you guys are trying to get funds under Creatives umbrella. Is there any other Vertical more suitable for these ideas? Ecosystem, for example? Are any real case in which you guys solved the problem of sustainability?